Monday, April 26, 2010

Retreating at Dry Creek

Spent a wonderful 5 days at the Retreat Center with my Happy Scrapper Friends and more.  The weather for the most part was beautiful.  The flowers were blooming and everything looked beautiful.  It was peaceful there as always and I so enjoy being there.

It's no doubt I'm ADD since I can't seem to stay with one thing at a time.  So, I made pictures of the progress I made on various swaps and projects. 

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

Apple Crisper's Swap

Honey Comb Swap

Civil War Braid

Shaded Nine Patch

Block 4 Jelly roll Sampler

Red Snowball Swap

Carolyn's Swap

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Me Too" A really old UFO

This is one of my long time hand applique quilt tops, I just finished today. 
 I've worked on this since 2002.  The border is all done by hand applique.  I enjoyed doing it but got discouraged by the time consuming nature of hand applique and tried to speed things up by switching to machine , but did not like the look at all. 

The pattern came from an Oct. American Patchwork and quilting and was designed by Kim Deilh.  It is so much bigger than I thought it would be.  The quilting in the magazine is meandering and I plan to have someone do that for me.  I thought I had enough backing to back the quilt, but I'm not sure.  I will settle on something and get the binding done at my next retreat, so I can totally finish it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Comfort Quilting

Yesterday I was feeling tired, but wanted to sew.  I went in my room and really didn't want to work on any present projects.  So I got out the box of 2.5 squares and the log cabins for Emily's quilt and worked on them.  I realize I consider this my comfort quilting.  the biggest decisions I have to make are which little square do I want to put where and that's it.  I sew for a good while and felt so good when I left my room.  I did count the number of log cabin blocks done so far and I had more than 45 blocks made.  I need a bunch though to make a quilt the size I need, but no pressure.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Progress so far on SBS

This week I made the first block in class.  Took the whole time, but isn't it lovely?  The other block I did at home.  It has curved piecing and hand applique.  I reverse appliqued the center of the flower and kinda wished I hadn't.  But I'm pleased with the result.
So far I've finished 37 blocks out of 140.  I took this picture to see them all altogether.  Looking good don't you think?

Next Swap with Apple Crispers

Our next swap will be with batik fabric in a pattern called Greek key.  I got a pizza box ready
and began cutting.  I had chose fat quarters from my stash.

I can get 4 blocks from two fat quarters if it hasn't been cut into.  I decided to make one block to see how it was going to look. 

This batch I cut wrong and only got one block, but am much more careful with the remainder of the cutting I'm doing.  I'll b ready to work on these at the next retreat.  We're only swapping every two weeks which will be good.

Update on Quilting Room progress

As happens with me often, I'm thinking about one project, but when I get into my room I end up on another.  What I got started on was the Honeycomb swap blocks.  I started putting them together, thinking I needed to decide if I wanted to make more blocks or not.  I had seen an antique quilt of all honeycomb blocks, no border, and I loved it.  I want to do mine that way.  Last year I hosted two swaps of blocks, but didn't get that much participation.  I'm hosting another in Happy Scrapes and from the way things are turning out, I'll need more blocks. 

I finished up these rows today.  I haven't put them together yet.  I made probably 20 more blocks to finish out the rows.  I think I want to add 2 more rows.  That would be 36 blocks.  I may swap them, or just use my own.  That would be quicker.  Just need to get them cut out in the next few days.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What to do..What to do

I've been so focused on Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, I've let other things go.  I need to make a to do list and work on some of that too.  So here goes.

Backs:  Last two tops for Polly's group, both batik.
              Aunt Grace project from Happy Scrappers group, old project
              Tops that have been sitting , need a count
              Will need a back for the current applique

Bindings:  For all of the above

Current Swaps :  Jackie's block for Polly group
                              Happy scrappers group,  Red snowball, honeycomb, and other

Prepare applique blocks, first decide what that will be next after the current quilt

Tops to put together:  Two Double nine patch, Aunt Grace blocks and finishing applique border

Projects I think I won't finish, but can put together as wall hangings:  Santa block of the month
          Vintage Valentine, Dawn's quilt

That's all I can think of for now.  Now for a plan to make some progress on this.

Some of this I can get ready for the retreat at Dry Creek to do, which I will.  Backs and swaps are good for finishing there, if fabric is cut for the swaps.  Backs and bindings are good at retreats too, so get fabric collected to bring to retreat.

1.  Cut fabric for swaps to begin working on or to take to retreats
2.  Put tops and materials together to complete at retreats
3.  Get out one of the projects I've decided to make into wall quilts, make a plan, cut and sew
4.  Tops to put together, get ready to work on at home, think I'll start with on I want to do by the pattern.

Okay, now to get busy, then refer back to this post and check on progress.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh, I'm Hooked

Oh yes, I'm hooked.  I figured out the way to make some of these blocks without paper piecing.  I loved working on them.  The blue and white nine patch is paper pieced, but somehow I made it without getting turned around.  The others I figured out the measurements and it worked out.  My 1/4 in. seams are right on too and the size end up great.  Love this project!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Block 3 of Jelly Roll Sampler

This block was designed my Debbie Maddy.  I've made one of her patterns and really enjoyed it.  This block seemed really plain, but will be pretty in the overall quilt.  I keep thinking I need to make more blocks to go with this quilt.  It will be small unless I add more to it.  I was thinking I could add some blocks from a LQS block of the month I didn't finish because I didn't like the setting fabric they had.  We'll see.

Progress this week on the Sylvia's Sampler

So far this week I've been working on my blocks for SBS.  I'm still trying to catch up with the class.  There is no deadline except mine.  I almost hate to go back, I had so much trouble this last Wed.  The pattern for the blue one wasn't working out for me and I got very frustrated.   I thought about what went wrong and I had to take out some and rework it.  I finished it at Polly's, where I could sit and figure it out.  I got it though.  I also got brave enough to start the Bear Paw's again.  Paper piecing is so hard for me.  I think I have it figured out, but nooo!  Anyway, two of these are just pieced, that I can do.  I have quilted for many years, but still have so much to learn.