Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back in the sewing room

So back in town from a wonderful visit with the kids for Christmas.  So much fun to see the grandkids too.  Ashleigh and I visited the yarn shop Woolie Ewe in Plano, Tx.  She's interested in taking knitting or crochet lessons this summer.  The nice lady at the shop gave her a crochet flower.  Then I made her another.  I was surprised that I still remember how to crochet.
After we got home, after putting stuff up and doing the laundry I got into the sewing room and put the final border on the quilt from a mystery hosted by Pasty in Happy Scrappers.  This is such a big quilt, I really have to pay attention to size and make things smaller from now on.  I have no place to keep these large quilts anymore.  I am going to get this quilted and maybe use it in the summer time.  So the next thing to do is get a back and binding made.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tall and Skinny

 A challenge by Joyce Sias in our Happy Scrappers Group, Tall and Skinny.  Too bad it's not quilted yet, however, I'm bringing it tomorrow to our Christmas meeting.  We are also exchanging the table runners for those of us that brought them.  Our course, there will be food, Pasty always makes wonderful soups and everyone else bring things to go with that.  I'm making my Mississippi Mud cake.I'm glad I went on and used the block with the background going a different way.  Once I put it on top and it worked for me.  The sashing and border on top and bottom added what it needed.  I may go ahead and make a lap quilt with my pattern too, but there is so much I want to do.  I would need to buy more Kaffe Fassett materials...hmmm.

Friday, December 7, 2012

On the Wall

I recently have been working on a challenge called Tall and Skinny.  Requirements are to be 18 by 60 inches.  I had bought this Kaffe Fassett fabric and decided it would be a good choice for a challenge.  This is outside my box as far as type of fabric and color than I usually use.  I'm also not a big fan of machine applique, but didn't have time to do it any other way.  Blocks one and two went real well.  Block three I really like the colors, but the background is turned a different way and I can't decide if I like the look.  There have been several days of thinking on this.

Block one and two

Block three

  All the blocks together
As you see if I use the galloping horse rule, I could live with this.  But this morning I gave it some more thought and I might redo the third block.  Problem is I'm not doing anything since I can't make up my mind.  Meanwhile, I'm working on the sashing and top and bottom borders to come up to my 60 in.  The sides will finish 18 inches as they are.  Writing it out may help.
Latest knitting finish.  I like my Christmas stocking.  Maybe I'll do Paw Paw one next year.  Sure got me in the Christmas spirit and I put out Santas for the first time in years.  You can't see them all, but won't put up a tree. 
all I'm doing to decorate this year.  We'll be doing Christmas in Dallas with family.