Sunday, July 20, 2014

On the Wall

I have some things to show in progress.  I haven't been sewing much since the kids and grand kids came to visit.  They stayed 7 days two weeks ago , but I've been trying to catch up on rest and get back into my routine.  
I have done some knitting, finished my green scarf, mittens and wash cloth.  I'm now working on a shawl with the blue yarn I had bought.  I love the color and found a pattern I like.
Still working on Blue Ridge.  I flipped the two quarters to the bottom and started adding blocks.  I'm now back to making blocks.  I did a few more half square triangles and really think I'll have to do more to make enough blocks.
Blue Ridge progress

Had to make a few more strip sets to get a few block done for the Folded Fan quilt I started in my last class.I actually had to start cutting dark strips after she talked so much about dark,dark for contrast.
Folded Fans
The contrast does make the folded effect stand out.  I still have a lot to learn about medium.  Up to now I've thought of dark, medium then light.  This kind of quilt needs a real distinction

Then I thought it was time to put out the progress on the Hexie's quilt and see how I was doing.
Hexie layout, no name yet
I've done more work than I thought I had and I'm liking it.  It helps to put it out and see how I'm doing.  Makes me want to work on it more.

My knit finishes below.



My scarf

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back in the Sewing Room

I spent the last few days, off and turning the sewing room from a bed room of the grand kids to a real sewing room again.  Quite a lot of stuff was moved to make room for the pallets the two oldest slept in.   Today I cut some of the scraps I had thrown on the ironing board focusing on the strips I'm now cutting for the class I had yesterday.

Folded fans by Dorinda Evans of Jackson MS

closer view
This was a great class and she gave a fabulous lecture the night before at our Contraband Guild meeting.
     This quilt is made with dark, medium and light strips you sew together.  I thought I was covered with strips for this class.  I went to the 1.5, 2, and 2.5 strips  Turns out I don't have a good collection of dark, dark strips.  Basically I have a stash of mostly mediums and lights.  I do want to make this quilt though because it will be a good stash buster, and I like the effect the fabrics make.  I haven't done a quilt like this before.
Cassie and her quilt

Adian and his quilt

Alex's quilt

Andrew's quilt

Progress on the Blue ridge
Where I am now with the Blue ridge quilt before I had to move the room around.  And lastly eye candy and inspiration from Dorinda Evans.  Some more of her wonderful quilts.