UFO's 2017

  1. Sewing macine embrodery
  2. Nancy Pearson applique piece
  3. Red applique from long ago - single block
  4. Heritage Ridge (BOM) from Athens
  5. Gone to Texas quilt 1 block done
  6. Farm Fresh Machine applique
  7. Midnight Silhouette applique
  8. wool flower and vine
  9. Autumn joy only 1 or 2 blocks to go
  10. Carrie Hall BOM  few blocks to finish
  11. Birds in air -making more blocks
  12. Asterisk make more blocks
  13. Gelinda's log cabin quilted needs- binding
  14. Blackberg Houses
  15. String blocks
  16. Christmas Santas Bernina project
  17. Folded Fans
  18. (BOM) Blue from shop in Monroe
Quilts to be quilted 
  1. Celtic Soltise- flimsy
  2. picket fence flimsy 
  3. Sunflower flimsy
  4. School row quilt  (flimsy) redo before
  5. Civil War Row Quilt (flimsy)
  6. Snowmen block (swap} 2014 HS  flimsy
  7. Debbie Maddy Red carpenter star
  8. Lynette Jennings Snowman
Blocks to Assemble into tops
  1. Honeybee block(swap) HS
  2. 30's Blocks (swap) Apple Crisper'
  3. Kim Diehl scrappy (swap)HS
  4. Kim Diehl controlled scrappy (swap)HS
  5. Autumn churn dash (swap)AC
  6. Churn Dash blocks (swap)AC
  7. Greek Keys blocks  (Block swap) blocks
  8. Batick swap with Crispers'
  9. Puss in the Corner Blocks

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