Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yesterday sewing along

Edward's quilt in progress
Not a great picture, the lighting in my room is off somehow.  Probably need better bulbs in my fixture.  Anyway, I have been going back and going back to work on Edward's quilt.  I got so much done yesterday I could see getting the top together.  It's going to have a lot more red in it because as I worked along, I keep thinking more red.  I'm hoping the end result will turn out alright.  I really dislike not feeling I'm going in the right direction.  Edward hasn't wanted a quilt for a very long time. I want him to like it.  Although, i think what he will like the most is wrapping up in it.  Being a mama here.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Getting small things done

As you can see I made a new picture for the blog.  It took weeks to find how and where I made the old one.  I decided I wanted a header of things I had finished up or made great progress on this year not last.  I am trying to work myself out of this funk from being injured and not quite well yet.  I went to the depression, bored out of my skull stage and remembered how I got out of that before.  I would do some small task and make one change.  I started with my closet and cleaned off an shelf and put my knits from this year there, so they have a home.

Then in the sewing room, I've tried so hard to have some enthusiasm but keep falling short.  So yesterday I worked on Edward's quilt noting some progress.  Then the thing that really gave me a boost was starting on the pile of fabric that's been on my cutting table for a month or more.  Than felt good.

Today I was reading the Stash buster group blog and there's a new slogan, "JOT", which means just one thing.  Perfect for what helped me yesterday and will today.  I can feel my energy coming back already.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Finally got the desire

I was telling my friends that I had a quilt binding half way done and I couldn't get the desire up to finish it.  We all laughed. my friend Joan said I didn't have the "en vie", to do it.  Don't know how to spell that but it means, not having the desire.  So Monday and Tuesday I worked on it and finished it up.
Scrappy Bowtie

Feels nice to have a finish..

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Small tasks adding up

Yep, I have been doing small bits at a time and it is adding up to something.
Another set of Hampton Ridge blocks   These are very time consuming, but  worth all the effort of cutting correctly, sewing and pressing correctly and ripping when needed. Since these finish 9 inches they make really nice blocks.  This is only month 4 of a 12 month program  Lots more blocks to go.  

After making these blocks for Edward's quilt, I did some pulling of more fabrics.  I realize I needed black for more contrast and more red as accent.  I have some really neat gray fabrics with lots of interesting patterns, but they read solids in a distance.  So value got very important.  I pulled a lot, straightened the shelf these fabrics were on and cut mor strips.  Instead of cutting triangles with My go, I elected to use my Easy Angle ruler instead.  Now to get some more blocks put together and triangles too, to start getting this quilt together.  

A few blocks made from 6 in scraps in the stash to add to my Birds in the Air Swap.
These are the blocks I had done at the retreat and before this post.  The amount of blocks needed for the exchange was changed to 60 blocks, or 10 sets of 6, and we'll be doing them for a few years.  Since that has changed I'm just making sets of 6, even if they are all different.  I'm  going to keep the ones I want for my own quilt.  Just getting a picture helps me see how pretty this quilt can be.  I have close to half of the blocks now.  I need to work on my Asterick swap too.

Monday, March 30, 2015

What's on the wall

I split my posts up today since it would be such a long post.  This is all I've managed to do since my accident.  
Asterisk block exchange

Update on Hexie quilt
Actually I worked a lot on Birds in Air block exchange but did not get a picture.  Will try later.

The Asterisk block exchange blocks are only the ones I made at the Dry Creek retreat. I had made a few before I went.  Should get a picture of them together. I so enjoyed that, but did suffer a lot of pain and did a lot of resting.  I sure felt good getting around so many friends and talking quilting and other things.

I put up the Hexie quilt so far to encourage myself to keep going.  When I put the parts up I was a little surprised to see such progress.  The second row is not attached yet and I'm not satisfied with the arrangement yet.  I have to finish out the last flower if it's the one I will use.  I'm still wondering how I will finish out the top and bottom and wheater to add some rounds as border.  Still much to think about.

March UFO report and new numbers

New UFO numbers are 39 and 1.  Number 1 is the black and white from Apple Crisper's.  I redid the list and I hit that one again, so I will go ahead and work on that.  Maybe even get the top done.  Last month I had two flimsy to get quilted and they are still at the quilter.  I did make one binding and still need to do the other.  Number 39 is another flimsy.  I'll choose that later today.
This is what I got done last time.  I definitely need to work on this

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

All it takes is a second

All it takes is a second and the direction you were going is changed.  That day I had the wreck changed the direction I was going and I'm not on track yet.  New car, body healing still I can't  seem to get back to focusing on my sewing.  I have done a few things , but it doesn't feel like much.
Bound and done

Birds in the air before retreat
House block of Autumn Joy

These are pictures before I went on the retreat at Dry Creek.  I got more blocks done and need to take some pictures.  
I haven't been posting on the blog here.  Maybe if I start doing this, I will get my MoJo back.