Friday, November 25, 2016

I Will Make No Excuses

That's correct, no excuses for starting another Mystery with Bonnie Hunter.  Why not? Because I love to do them.  I may not finish them all, but hey , that's ok
The biggest news we have in the family is our new Beautiful granddaughter Adeline.  Her quilt top is done and I plan to get it to quilter the next week and be ready for when she comes for Christmas.  All the way from North Carolina!
Adeline Kaye Weaver
Ill show her quilt when it's done.  Currently I'm still wrapping fabric in the sewing room and cleaning out drawers.  What a job!  Most days Buddy, the dog or John the Husband interrupt and I get off task.

One serious thing I've found is that I have started way too many leader and ender projects.  Way too many!  I'm try to prioritize them, but realize I still want to do them all. So I'm thinking medallion style quilt to include them all.  Could happen...

Till next time

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Apple Crisper's Project '16, Beginning SBOW

It's hard now a days to get into the sewing room to accomplish much.  What with caring for the husband and the excessively needy dog.  However, yesterday the husband cared for the dog a while and let me sew.  So, good news I worked on some things.
Apple Crisper's Project 16
It's hard to see the difference in color in the photo, one is green and the other a dark reddish brown.  Both speak of fall to me which are the parameters for color this project.  I do like to work in Fall colors.

Primitive Gatherings quilt shop offered this in the Summer.  One block a week, but they came every month.  It's wool and flannel applique.  There will be 48 blocks in total with a great finishing with crazy stitches embroidery.  It took a while for me to get brave , and I do mean brave enough for this project.  I used fusible to set down the wool pieces onto the flannel.  I hadn't done that method and was apprehensive.  But after getting easy with the stitching, which I'm being to really enjoy, sewing on the other strips and squaring it up, I have one block finished.  There are many charming blocks to go.  So, today I'll link up with Slow Stitching Sunday and work on the next block.  See what everyone else is doing at Slow Stitching Sunday.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Sewing therapy

Sometimes, I need to just sit and sew with no particular end date or pressure.  I have several things going in that regard and I also have some that have due dates.  Here's an update on progress so far.  
    Johns still suffering from his fall and broken ankle, time is harder to find for sewing and mostly just stress relief.  

Apple Crisper's swap for this year

I like mystery quilts and this is a Designer Mystery from Fat Quarter Shop with no end date in mind.

These little gems are called waste triangles.  They finish 1.75 "  Not sure what I will do with these, but will try to work them in the quilt

An update on the Scary Cats from Common Threads quilt shop.  Another no end date in mind.  This is  13 done so far.  A good carry along during wound care for John.

 This is an old UFO and it is now quilted and bound  Nice to finish a oldie. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hand stitching update

My Halloween cats hand applique

So far, I done 10 with 78 more to do  I have prepped about 10 more  The perfect project for Slow Stitching Sunday.  See what others are up at  Slow Stitching Sunday

Thursday, August 25, 2016

In Progress

I have been doing small things but I see that I'm making some progress on them all.  I'm delighted to be getting some of these to a finishing point.
Here is another attempt at a finish.  This is an oldie from a event night at the quilt shop.  I didn't pick out this material and needed a table runner to trade at Happy Scrappers Christmas party.  It will soon be a finish.  Also, working on Slow stitching Sunday, although I seldom get the picture up at the site.

A group of friends and I went on a shopping excursion and went by a yarn shop to find these.  It's a top this by Lion brand and I modified the pattern some to make it smaller for our new granddaughter that is arriving in November. I can't wait to see this on her.

This block is called Scrappy Trip by Bonnie Hunter.  I tried the pattern out and used 2.5 in. squares.  I learned  the values are too close and need more contrast, especially between he middle rows.  Since I have quite a stash of 2.5 strips, many more to come.

Happy Scrappers challenge to finish one of our projects to competition  This was a 25 block with red through the center.  I chose the Barn raising center.  Remaining things to do is make back and binding and stitching.I think it's neat how the red outlines the blocks in this setting.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Quilt for Hubby

I put in the last stitch on the binding this morning. A made to order quilt for John.  

Friday, August 5, 2016

Another Quilt for Leigh and Edward

It seems this quilt I made for Edward and gave him last summer is too short to sleep under.  So, when he came this summer I decided to finish up the  Disappearing nine patch for him to take home.  And it weems Leigh loved the color combination so much.  So, I sent her the Jelly roll race 3.0  

Quilt for Edward not quilted and bound yet

Leigh with her quilt

Jelly roll race 3.0 before quilting and binding
I really love that my kids want quilts by me and take them home and use them. That is what quilting is all about.