Sunday, January 8, 2017

Slow stitching Sunday

Basting Hexes today

My quilt from another angel
It's Sunday and I wanted to join the others at Slow stitching Sunday.  Sometimes I don't stitch on Sunday particularly, and sometimes I don't get a post up. But today I am reevaluating this top and accidentally  took a shot in this direction.  I really like the blue diamonds this way.  So I think Ill  change my setting set the quilt like this.  I would like to hang this, instead of aiming for a lap quilt.  I've still got border to do and finishing out.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Daily sewing

I am not a marathon quilter, nor do I make a lot of time for quilting in my day as I've come to see.  I am making progress on my stash as well as the blocks I chose to work on.  So no mater if it's 15 min. and that's all I get, then I'll be happy.  Today it was several hours.  Buddy. the dog and John the husband are getting use to me disappearing every afternoon and are giving me time.  It helps that John is finally getting better.  His broken ankle has taken it's  sweet time to heal with the two wounds that developed after surgery.

So, another day in the room and cutting on scraps and sewing has me making  some progress.  I want to take better pictures and will work on that.
First I started another row of the Puss in the Corner quilt and got two rows done today.

Puss in the corner progress

I sewed up the Hourglass blocks I had cut yesterday and trimmed them up today.

I worked on clearing some more strips and cut another Leader ender I had made a few blocks for.

Carolina Roads. Bonnie Hunter, Addicted to scrapes articles from Quilt maker.

What I like about these blocks are the positive/ negative and they are a good use of 2 inch strips.  This should make a great throw and reduce my stash by a tad.

Daily sewing

Yesterday I was at the point of cutting blocks for Basket quilt and Hourglass blocks.  Since I still had 2.5 inch strips to cut blocks from, all I needed was more white fabric cut to size.  I also had leftover large triangles for the bottom of the baskets.  I took a moment to get over mixing my whites and proceeded on.  I got 8 block sets cut out.  I used my new large clips to hold the block pieces together and I love those.

Then I decided I had had enough of this small purple box and dumped the rest of the box on the ironing table.  I had lots of 1.5 inch strips which will go into the log cabin pizza box where I keep my logs cut to size.  I'm about to get full enough for a quilt again.  I also started cutting some more Spool blocks and realized I was getting side tracked.  I stopped and just ironed and sorted from then on.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sewing Day with the ladies

Every Tuesday that we are able to get together, myself and 5 of my dear friends have a sewing day.  We bring our own lunch.  The hostess just has to provide coffee.  We work on hand projects and each is different.  There is some embroidery, some English paper piercing, applique or hand piecing.  Week after week we all slowly finish our projects.  We talk a lot, laugh a lot and have a good time.

I've done similar things over the years with various people, some the same as now, but I think this is my all time favorite.

Anyway, I have been working on applique cats for a Halloween quilt for months.  I also have been working on an English paper piecing project for many months.  Yesterday I made progress on both.

Handwork from Sewing Ladies Day

In my sewing room on Monday, I reworked some hourglass blocks that didn't suit me.  I also added a few blocks to the Baskets.  I'm at the point now I need to have a cutting session for both these projects.   
These Hourglass blocks are much better with contrast.
More Baskets

One other project I worked on was putting the to together for the Puss in the Corner quilt which was a swap from Happy Scrappers.  Go here to

putting together a scrap quilt

Friday, December 30, 2016

Pinwheel kit tackled

Since the sewing room is overwhelming at this point and I want very much to go in there every day, I decided to sit down and start somewhere.  Just Do It!  A quilt is made one block at a time and making progress is all that is really important  

The first thing I encountered was a box of blocks for a kit.  Each of the little zip lock bags held a main block and an alternate block.  
Pin wheel blocks and alternates

Looks simple right, seemed simple.  The block parts could be cut with my new essential tool from Bonnie Hunter, which cuts half square triangles and also quarter square triangle.  All the units are these pieces plus squares.
However, the problem arose when I realized on cutting the two blocks that the directions were lacking.  Some parts were left off and so as time drew near to go get a haircut, I really needed it, I figured out I would need to go by pictures and write out all directions before cutting.  Then the Plan is to sew both blocks at a time.  There are 12 block bags with two blocks in each.  I believe I ll have less problems if I cut all sets before beginning to sew.  So much for today.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Getting Ready for 2017

To get ready to focus on my quilting again, I looked back at my posts from last year.  These were few and far between.  I want to do better this year and accomplish more than I have this past year. This year I want to do more of my own choice in quilting and still accomplish what I promised to do.  

There have been a lot of bumps along the road this year and some we're still dealing with here at home.  But, it's all looking up now.

I have revised my UFO's for this year to include just what I have actually worked on, or started, instead to what I want to do or think I want to do.  I have had a few pitfalls like thinking I could participate in the 365 Challenge, which proved to be too daunting.  I had to abandon that for sure.  I also realizedI had about five leader and ender projects going, which is nuts.  Some had to be put as actual projects  with dedicated time spent on each one.  One was too complicated to be a leader/ ender and became its own project for sure.  Another pitfall I had that played in there was too much time spent playing games on my  I Pad.  That is a black hole in space and time. I'm still playing  but spent at least half the time I did.  And believe it or not, I got to doing too many different things, such as knitting, embroidery, wool embroidery, applique and English paper piecing.  You really can overdo on the hand work!

So, this next year I plan to dedicate more free time to handwork, instead of games.  I plan to make time every day in my sewing room working on projects I love.  I also plan to write more on my blog.

Since this is purely a written blog today, I want to add a picture.  I think every post should have a picture.  This is our precious Adeline that came to visit for Christmas on her quilt made for her.

Adeline's quilt finished Christmas Eve 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Doing some Fnishing

Our challenge for this year was to finish a quilt totally from a block swap.  This was in the top pile, so I did this one.  It's a 25 patch block with red center and sets much like log cabin blocks.  I put the red border and blinded it in black which gave it a good touch.
25 Patch with red
 Adeline is growing and will soon be coming to visit us for Christmas.  I wanted to wait to give her this quilt then.  Plus the binding wasn'tt finished.  Should be so.

Cassie and Adeline

I love this picture of Adeline and no I didn't make it.  She's so preciouss.