Thursday, December 11, 2014

Return from Mississippi

Del, my brother went into renal failure and got put into the hospital.  I rushed to MS to see him.  I must say I got very scared.  Anyway, he's better, but still in the hospital.  He'll be having a kidney biopsey today.  Hopefully they will determine what is wrong and get those kidneys working again.  Hell be there until.  Leigh and family had just left on Monday when I took off on Friday   Got back last night.  So far all I've done is stay on the computer.  My sister's internet wasn't  working for the most part of my trip.  So I'm very behind.  Christmas shopping isn't done and so on.  Oh well, family first.

Now is a good time to try to organize myself, make some list and actually get on with it. 

In my sewing room, I finished the mug rugs, but didn't get a picture.  The news about Del came up on sew day and Joan took the last snowman block to finish for me for the swap in Happy Scrappers and deliver the mug rugs.  Thank goodness for friends.

Next order of business in sewing room is to get Ashleigh's quilt top together. and CLEAN that room!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Catching Up

It's been a while since I posted.  A lot has been going on.  I went to Dallas and went with DD to a scrap booking retreat.  This time they let me bring my machine.  I brought my Featherweight.  I finished making all the blocks for the "lollipop" quilt.  I will be getting that together. It' snowed one night while I was there.

It's early for snow it seems to me.

On the wall I have been putting together on of the Bonnie Hunter quilts I have been making blocks for.

DD and DGD came for Thanksgiving.  They originally were leaving Thursday/  However, Son in law, David's, dad died.  So, they are here probably until Sun.  It's a sad time for them.  Leigh did get a few pictures of them walking the dog.
Ashleigh's usual activity while visiting

Looked up to smile

Leigh and her usual activity while visiting

Buddy after one of his walks

Ashleigh walking Buddy

12 is not too old to swing

 I haven't been able to do a lot of sewing, but I've knitted, I've been binding, I've been working on my Hexies  and a rug mug.  All in all not bad for getting a little sewing done.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Progress on the A.d.d bout

I reported how I had come to a stand still with my quilting, so I got busy.  First what all I had going in the sewing room.

New applique or small cats, 

Love these small cats
Happy Scrappy signature so far

My little baskets

Basket ready for  machine appliqué

After focusing on just working on the signature quilt, I got the top done.  I will be making the back soon so I can get it quilted.  I think it will be an awesome retreat quilt.
Finished top Signature quilt
My next top to work is the X scrappy quilt, which I'm really anxious to finish.  I'm liking that a lot and want to work on it.  I need to make a list of the next obligations I have.

I did take off and go to the 40 yr. annual Houston Quilt Show.  I enjoyed it and saw some wonderful red and white quilt, remakes of those from the exhibit in New York.

Here's a taste of what I saw, it was wonderful!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Bout of A.D.D

I have been experiencing ADD in the worst way in my sewing room.  I head to my room with the intentions of working on the scrappy X quilt and next thing I know I on the signature block quilt from Happy Scrappers, then suddenly I'm starting an applique with little cats I got at Common Threads last week.  In addition. I've been setting up a Farm Fresh block, since it was in my way, working on my hex quilt and knitting.  I think I have a problem!  Contumely I'm sitting in my recliner and have been all morning.  So in short I've worked myself to a stand still.

OK decision...I shall go work on the Happy Scrapper signature quilt.  So here I go.  I'll post a picture of progress later.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Been working on Fab 4

I don't know if I;ve talked about fab 4 before, but basically, it's a challenge with the  Stashbuster group on Yahoo.  It's a way to focus your quilting to get some finishes done. I am trying to stop starting new projects before I finish up tops.  What's happening is that I can't get to UFOs since I'm off starting something else.  Usually, it's me trying another scrap quilt.  The byword here is focus, focus and finish.
 In November , Bonnie Hunter is starting another mystery quilt and I want to do that.  I enjoyed the one I did last year, even though it's not quilted.
 So far since the retreat, I've gotten two quilt tops quilted, waiting to finish binding.  Two quilts are with the quilter and I have one ready with back to get done.
Now on to Fab 4 outcome.   I have been working on this kit I got in McKinney TX at Quilt Asylum.  It's Kaffe kit of pyramids.  Finally got all the rolls together.  I thought I'd give it to Leigh for Christmas, but my husband saw it and darn if he didn't want it for a TV quilt.  So, he'll be getting it.
Kaffe kit

Close up of the border
  One quilted I wanted to finish was the one with Kathy Brown   It's a jelly roll pattern and I used a jelly roll that been in the stash a while and I found some fabric for borders that removed some more stash.
Kathy Brown pattern
I've decided that my sister would like this and I will get it quilted and finished for her.
Signature blocks

Lifesaver blocks finished at Beach retreat.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ft. Morgan Retreat

First beach retreat in Fort Morgan, Ala. There were 8 of us.  We rented a great beach house and set up in the great room.  I took some pictures and thought I'd share a few.
We ate at Rips in
Mandeville, La where we had stopped to eat lunch and visit a quilt shop Bright Hopes.  Food was absolutely wonderful and we liked liked the quilt shop.  

A view of the water
Once there we all set up to sew and I took random shots of our set ups and the ladies I was with.
Liz and Mono
Vonda and Patty

Brenda who arranged our trip
Denise and Patty

 The view from my set up was gorgeous.  I would 
spend time just looking out the window.  It was wonderful.

A & E fabric store in Pensacola, Fl.
When you first drive up to this fabric store I doesn't look like much but has tons of fabric.  It a Pharmacy/fabric store.  Some combination!

My one walk on the beach.  The sand was whitened pretty but so hard to walk through.  It  was neat to go down there though
Here we are at Lambert's in Foley, Ala.

Outside as we're going into Lamberts the home of the thrown rolls

Another day outside my set up

Waiting for the ferry to cross the bay to come home.
As we traveled home we drove to New Orleans and visited the Quilted Owl.  Really loved that store.  They had Jo Morton, and lots of other 1800's.  They also had wool.
Then we stopped in Baton Rouge at the Red Stick and it was neat tool  Totally different line of fabrics.  Found some grey.

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Old Blue" top is done

Blur Ridge Mountain or "Old Blue"

This has been a big project after all.  Lots of sewing and I have been working on this a while.  Naturally, it's not been the only thing I did during the months I worked on it, but I stayed pretty steady.  I had trouble deciding on the border.

One choice

the selected one

There were many neutrals I tried, finally realized I needed more color so it wouldn't bleach out, then I had to look at the two outside choices until I was satisfied.  I do have a big back for the backing and will see about getting this quilted soon.

One of the next projects

Our Happy Scrappers groups had a swap of signature blocks. The challenge has been to think up a way to make a quilt.  I knew I wanted stars and settled on the Sister's choice block.  I have all the blocks set up with neutrals and this brown for the points.  I want to put it together with sashing too, but haven't selected that yet.

Possible setting

Putting the rows together

An update on the quilt from Kathy brown's class.  This started with a jelly roll.  Have cut and sewn the blocks and now in the process of putting rows together.  This has been going on between other things.  I do have two borders to add to this.

I've been working on the X blocks and will take a picture later.  My current Leader and Ender is a log cabin with centers of red at 2.5 blocks.  I plan on 100 blocks and will be working on this for a while