Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dabbling in my sewing room

Applique by machine Farm Fresh
This block is finished.  I have also been working on cutting strips to put up the fabric from the laundry basket I had sitting in my way in the sewing room.  I still have not finished that, some days I can't make decisions.  I need 2" strips for the swap in Eustace in civil war reproductions.  I get to questioning myself too much.  These are being put in a box and of course I'm cutting way too many.  I've done the 4 patches for Apple Crisper's.  I made a backing and cut binding for the Kathy brown quilt.  It's ready to go to quilter, but I still need to press the binding.  I put the binding on the Kim Dielh quilt and also put the circles on it I needed.  When I found the fabric I had left over Hour glass blocks.  I left them out to finish up instead of putting them away.  
I'm binding that quilt now, working on the Autumn Joy block from last month, and of course the hexes.  I'm testing out the pattern for the Birds in the air exchange which definitely needs pressing done correctly.  In other words  I'm dabbling in my sewing room.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A finished scrappy flimsy

Scrappy red and cheddar top is done!  I really like how it turned out.  When I started putting it together I slowed done because I thought I had overdone the red and cheddar.  I kept going, although slowly and when it was finished I was very pleased.  This was a block from Bonnie Hunter's Addicted to scraps series in Quiltmaker magazine.  Then in her second Leader and Ender book she showed how she had put it together.  I did make it exactly like hers except with the colors.
I got a fairly good photo of the quilt, sometimes I get a yellow tint in my pictures.  This one clearly shows the color of the cheddar.  It is a fairly large quilt, but still not big enough to hang over the sides of my own bed.  So, I think I'll get it quilted and enjoy looking at it instead of using it.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A finish today!

I had put down this quilt and binding, when I left on my two trips.  I had almost forgotten about it, but in cleaning on my sewing room I saw it and knew I needed to go on and finish it up.  I have it on my bed now. 
Blue Ridge Beauty on my bed

I told the ladies at SPAR today that I felt like I was back to myself since I was able to sew this weekend.  It makes such a difference.  I hand sewed today mostly, but I did go and clean the top of sewing table.  Plus cleaned out a drawer in the table.  A bottom draw which had become a big catch all.  Now I know what's in there and it's stuff I need.

Tomorrow is sew day with my friends and hand sewing.  Hopefully will get the top I've been working on done by the end of the week.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February UFO numbers and report on January's progress

Home again and intend to stay here for at least a month. 
One of my favorite pictures from the Butterfly Museum in Key West, FL  The butterflies were so abundant and pretty.  They flew more than they stopped and drank.  Fascinating !

  On to our UFO challenge the two new numbers for this month are 29 and 45.  I did some editing on my list because all my projects that have to be done this year were on the list.  That really won't work, plus it would keep me from making progress on UFOs.  I have a lot of flimsy to finish so I added  that at the end of list to get more of that done.  So I need to take pictures of the ones I will be doing and pull them out.

#29 is the Scrappy bargello pattern of BH and I have pulled 2.5 " strips for that already. 
All ready to go, scrappy bargello.  I took time putting strips together, but will need to add more I'm sure.
 # 45 will be choosing a flimsy from the sewing room, not one listed already.  So I'll decide on that and pick a top to make backing and binding done and give it to PJ to quilt.  Binding will be on must do list for this year.  I don't want to carry any over that I can finish.
The backing is chosen, will construct that and make binding.  Then hand off to quilter.

I didn't do much with Jan. UFOs, in fact I intend to stay with the applique until I finish the block.  I did do two big blocks on the Black and white UFO.

The teal sashing is strong enough to really make this quilt spark

Friday, January 16, 2015

January UFO Challenge Numbers 2 and 32

January is the beginning month of the challenge and I drew out the numbers while in NC to see Edward and family.  
#2 is the Apple Crisper's exchange for 2014.  
The Back and white disappearing four patch from the site Missouri Star quilt Co. I do love her U tube videos and simple projects.  I want to add this beautiful teal as sashing.  Sandy in our group had put 4 blocks together to make an alternate design and I want to try that out.

Our challenge is to work on the UFO and finish as much as we can or at least make some progress on the project.  Since I have my new cutter up and running now, I want to get strips cut and start working on it.

#32 is Autumn Joy designed by Sue Garmin.  I had made a good deal of progress on it and then got stopped.  Have no idea why now.  I do want to get this much closer to completion.  The top section is ready.  Parts of the other two sections are done.  I worked on setting up the block with the house.  Some of that I could do on the machine.  I can finish it up with hand appliqué.  I'm determined to put a pieced border on this, unlike the Christmas Joy with a plain border.  I also want to make it a little larger.  This picture really doesn't do this justice, the colors are ver pretty. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Yesterday and hand sewing.

I worked off an on all day on my EPP. Finished all the basting on loose piecies and also worked on putting some more sashing, for a better name, blue sets together.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

English paper piecing

     In North Carolina with overcast skies and two big labs working on my hexagons. Adults are still asleep, kids are playing upstairs and I have the lounge chair. Perfect for stitching for a while.  I'm working on my second row and blue "sashing". By the way, my box worked really good on the airplane. Love making progress on my handwork.
     Joan and I will be doing a UFO challenge for the next two years. The grandkids gave us numbers between 1 and 48. Joan said she had that many, but wanted to space it over 2 years. I thought that was a good idea. The numbers this month are 2, 32.  For me that will be the black and white blocks from Apple crispers, and Summer joy, a block of the month I haven't started.  I'm going to take that off and work on one I have started. I just changed it to Autumn joy since it's about. Half done. I just switched numbers. My choice, my challenge.
  Since I'm not at home I can only plan what I'll be doing. I do have some lovely teal for sashing for the black and white blocks.   I will be working on my current projects along the way.