Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas quilts

Leigh's Xmas paper chain for her mantel

Leigh was delighted with her quilt

Ashleigh liked her quilt too

They got to clowning

Oh yea this is comfy!

My new electric Go Cutter is sick

Yep, set it up and nothing happened. John thought maybe it was the outlet not being grounded.  He got up and went to Lowe's and got what he needed, still no luck.   I called the company this morning. She asked if I had a blue light on the power box and nope no light. A new power cord is on the way.
     I couldn't stand it , so I cut some 30's fabric for Cracker blocks. Another way to use my scrapes. Also in trimming some scrapes I found when I straightened a basket of fabric I haven't been using.  They ended up being ready to cut in 7 in. And set them up for Asterisk blocks. So, two more quilts started I guess.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Through the year- Some memories

Visit with Edward and family
Alex got a new bike for Christmas and they all had to get out their bikes.  We had a day at the Raleigh Children's Museum.

Edward and Cassie waiting for the boys to play

Airport the day I left

 I got new flooring put down and started setting up my sewing room.

Once my room got set up I did lots of sewing parts that eventually turned or will turn into quilts.

Most days  John and I spent time together with our spoiled puppy Buddy.
A visit to Dallas and snow

Visits in July and at Thanksgiving

Both families here in July

A retreat in Palestine

Cold day on the pier

Friends and retreats good combinations

Retreating with Ashleigh while Mom and Dad went to Denver

Home of Throwed Rolls
My view from my sewing station
 Retreat in Alabama

Houston Quilt show
Handwork Through the year

Yarn from Ashleigh at Christmas
My knitting
My English paper piecing
More applique

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Catching up with photos

These are pictures from the Happy Scrappy Christmas, which I couldn't attend.  The Beaumont Christmas party I did attend. The quiltI've been working on for my dear GD.
Mug rugs I received from the party

Pin cushion from Guild Christmas party

Ashleigh's Christmas quilt

Back of Ashleigh's quilt

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A brief stint at home

I got home from MS and hurriedly got a backing and binding ready for Ashleigh's Christmas . My friend Joan quilted it for me, and I got it ready just before John and I came to Dallas.  I convinced John I needed to give the Kaffe quilt to Leigh, so I worked on getting the binding done.  Also. worked until I finished knitting the scarf for Ashleigh.  Lots of pictures to take after present opening.  During all of this I wrapped presents and so forth.  I started Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery and all I could manage was One of each step.  And you know there is nothing wrong with that!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Return from Mississippi

Del, my brother went into renal failure and got put into the hospital.  I rushed to MS to see him.  I must say I got very scared.  Anyway, he's better, but still in the hospital.  He'll be having a kidney biopsey today.  Hopefully they will determine what is wrong and get those kidneys working again.  Hell be there until.  Leigh and family had just left on Monday when I took off on Friday   Got back last night.  So far all I've done is stay on the computer.  My sister's internet wasn't  working for the most part of my trip.  So I'm very behind.  Christmas shopping isn't done and so on.  Oh well, family first.

Now is a good time to try to organize myself, make some list and actually get on with it. 

In my sewing room, I finished the mug rugs, but didn't get a picture.  The news about Del came up on sew day and Joan took the last snowman block to finish for me for the swap in Happy Scrappers and deliver the mug rugs.  Thank goodness for friends.

Next order of business in sewing room is to get Ashleigh's quilt top together. and CLEAN that room!