Monday, November 25, 2013

Aidan's quilt

Aidan's quilt started with a focus fabric red band black with Karate signs and symbols. I decided on rail fence blocks with blocks of focus fabrics.

More blocks made

Border auditioned on the right

By the end of day Sunday before leaving for MS for Thanksgivings   

Lotto block ends

Seems this died this last quilt guild, the Lotto block only had three takers this time.  Our treasurer pointed out it was costing us, so we quit.  We do this last block though.  I ended up with 4 blocks because I needed a table runner to trade in Happy Scrappers Christmas party.  It's a lot more fun if you participate.  I used fabrics from another 
Table runner made from 3 blocks

I found I had enough green for binding and I have to quilt this myself. 

End of the row quilt

I started with this much done before me.  The quilt measures  65 in. to begin with, which meant everyone had to adjust.  Then just looking I didn't know where to go.

I decided to stay with pinwheels to match the top, sorta, and use some bright s.

I adjusted fabric as I went along.

Finally, after getting my blocks done and used the persons material to adjust the sides.

Over all it turned out good I think, but am truly am so glad to be done with row quilt.  I am not getting into one again, unless I know the expertise of the other participants.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

Got It Done!

I know I just showed this yesterday, but it wasn't sewed together then.  
I'm not adding borders to it.  
Lily's quilt

This is the backing and binding.

These are more bow ties I found that were cut out.
I've been saving stray 3" finished blocks and will be a quilt someday.  Will be a mixture of patterns.   I always use these as Leaders and Enders as I sew.  They do add up.
Today, It's clean up the sewing room day and cut up scraps day.  The next things I have to get done are the row quilt for Slightly Bias and blocks for Apple Crisper's groups.  

Saturday, November 9, 2013

In the Sewing Room

Cutting and stitching and stitching and cutting, oh yeah!  I do one thing then switch to another, but I may be making some progress on all.  Started a Chevron bright quilt for my niece's baby quilt.  My math wasn't so great at first and had to do more cutting.  Oh well, such is life in the sewing room.  Also still working on the Kaffe pyramid quilt.  It's like I can't just sew one quilt at a time, so I do two or three at a time.  Not crazy huh?  I'm having fun and that works.  


Hand sewing on the hexagon quilt. Slowly but surly making progress.  Need to add in some sewing time at home, not just on Wed, at the shop.  I did pick two layouts from the Internet I'm thinking about.

Then there is the Lotto block.  There were only 3 or 4 that bought patterns for the blocks, so after this there will be no more.  I think I will try and make a table runner with the left over blocks.  I think I'll do several more for the Lotto drawing, but make them scrappy.  That will give the winner a better selection.  Polly is doing the same. I like this block pattern though, it's a good one.