Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back in the sewing room!!

Yesterday I got back in my room and started to work. Strangest thing happened, my husband kept coming in to try to lure me out. After the third time I gave in and spent some time with him. Later we were talking and I was able to point this out so, today, no interruptions. Boy did I get things done today. It was great, since I have made two small quilts I hadn't cleaned up the scraps. This is a habit now, but I had put it off. I made some decisions, which is a biggie, so now I'm moving forward I also quilted my Pink Lemonaide quilt. It was pinned and I knew what I wanted to do. It turned out nice. Binding will be next. I used a tool, a Hera marker, I bet I've had for 15 years. I had to take it out of the package. How about that. All in all a great day! I want more like that.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quilt Show

Yesterday I went with friends to the Beaumont quilt show. There were so many beautiful quilts. A friend from the area won Best of Show with her wall hanging and was she excited. It was a wonderful collection of quilts. I saw a lot of quilts, my favorite were the traditional quilts, of course. It was a fun day and my big buy was a potable ironing table made from a wooden tv tray. I plan to use it by my sewing table. Great day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

On the Wall 2/10

I was thinking last night I may have to rename my blog from Lotta quilting to Hardly ever quilting.  No really, I don't understand myself.  I think about quilting a lot, but I don't go into my room.  So, newest goal is spend some time every day in quilting room, unless I'm outside the house involved in quilting.  For instance tomorrow, I'm heading to the Beaumont Quilting Show with some friends.

I did get just a few things photographed and made some progress on my last small quilt.
A wonderful thank you note from Emily that will fit in a scrapbook I may someday finish.

Gayle surprised me at our Happy Scrapper's meeting with this wonderful post card she made.  She explained that since I got her first effort at post cards and she has improved so much, she made me a new one. 
Gayle's new post card back view

Gayle's new post card front view

Back of 1st card she gave me

Front of 1st post card with a few of the beads missing
This had been an exchange in our group.  Wow! how neat is that!

This is the Broken dished small quilt I wanted to do with the Small Quilt Talk quilt group I'm following online.  The border was kind of a surprise to me.  I spotted it in a group of fabrics and liked it better than anything else I had tried.   

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Working on another small quilt

Today I got into the sewing room and wanted to start a quilt with the small quilts group on Yahoo.  Kathy Tracy is the moderator is choosing a quilt a month from one of her books.  The one this time is a broken dishes quilt, so I decided to do it.  Now I still have strips 2.5 in. , lots in fact, from the Sylvia Bridal Sample quilt and my trusty triangle Easy angle ruler so I got started.

First I sorted the strips by color

Then I choose some colors to work with

A second culling and I limited my color choices

Using my ruler I stared cutting triangles
Now it's time to sew some half square triangles

With a trimming ruler I got that perfect 2.5 in. square

Last the pieces set up to audition them

 It's Super Bowl time and I joined my husband to watch the game.  I'll probably rearrange a few things tomorrow before I sew blocks.  Then pick out borders.  So far, I'm liking this!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd 2012 Finished UFO

Oh yes, another finished top from my list.  So far doing great with my list.  I cut the binding and can't decide on the back yet.  Do need to decide and get it done.  You know it's so easy to stop at this point and not get the backs done since I struggle so much with trying to use the stash.  I never seem to buy enough for backings when I buy, which hasn't been a lot lately.  Oh I hope to stay with it and get some backs done soon.
Scrappy Braid Quilt