Friday, February 10, 2012

On the Wall 2/10

I was thinking last night I may have to rename my blog from Lotta quilting to Hardly ever quilting.  No really, I don't understand myself.  I think about quilting a lot, but I don't go into my room.  So, newest goal is spend some time every day in quilting room, unless I'm outside the house involved in quilting.  For instance tomorrow, I'm heading to the Beaumont Quilting Show with some friends.

I did get just a few things photographed and made some progress on my last small quilt.
A wonderful thank you note from Emily that will fit in a scrapbook I may someday finish.

Gayle surprised me at our Happy Scrapper's meeting with this wonderful post card she made.  She explained that since I got her first effort at post cards and she has improved so much, she made me a new one. 
Gayle's new post card back view

Gayle's new post card front view

Back of 1st card she gave me

Front of 1st post card with a few of the beads missing
This had been an exchange in our group.  Wow! how neat is that!

This is the Broken dished small quilt I wanted to do with the Small Quilt Talk quilt group I'm following online.  The border was kind of a surprise to me.  I spotted it in a group of fabrics and liked it better than anything else I had tried.   

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