Sunday, July 31, 2011

On the wall the day before surgery

The day before my total knee replacement and I spent the day trying to finish up some things in my sewing room. I don't know how long before I get back to sewing.
My latest braid I finished, making a total of 7 out of 12.

Next is a project that I thought I'd try with the 8" snowball blocks which were part of an exchange. Eight inches is a strange size since it will finish 7.5 inches. To make the other blocks fit, I put an 2.25 inch border around each block. I saw this quilt in a magazine and of course, it was all a certain fabric line. This will be scrappy and the pinwheels will be a mix of colors. The pinwheels I'm making from half square triangles from my stash. Hopefully I'll like the end result. I know it will need a pieced border for the quilt.

The last block is one I should have done for early July, but was out of town.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ashleigh's and I quilting

We took time out from quilting to celebrate Ashleigh's 9th birthday.

Ashleigh got into her quilt this year. She did the cutting on the accuquilt, all 3.5 in. strips and I did the sub cutting. We set her up with an Janome Gold which seemed to be just the right size for her. She began sewing the muslin sq. and print bricks together. I had set up the seam allowance with mole skin and she got started. She did good, got a lot more consistent with her seams.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

More about June

This is "Yea" last installment of blocks we are swapping in Apple Crisper's. The block are pretty, but I'm tired of them We didn't swap but every other month and it seemed to drag on forever. The process started with my 2" Accuquilt die, then cut to the pattern, then put together by that tiny little picture you see. It's appears bigger in real life. You could get off base pretty easily with this on. Will eventually get those blocks put together.

This finished set did turn out pretty.

In Slightly Bias group we are making one block a month. This month was for June and the theme was beaches. I tried to do water colors. Batiks worked very well for this. July is 4th of July colors, but haven't gotten that done yet.

These are the Carrie Hall hand applique that I've done so far. I just finihed one more and decided to piece the blocks I need to put the rest of the blocks together.

The first block you see I just finished this past week. I will be working out a plan to stop with these blocks.

This month the row by row is due in Happy Scrappers and I decided to add the rows of log cabin blocks. I do like this quilt!

I guess that all my to do this month. I really have a hankering to do a red and white quilt, but first my granddaughter will be down to make a quilt. So hopefully will get more posting will get done as we work on that.

Where did June go?

I know I've been to a new retreat place in Joshua, TX, called Batiks Galore. It was a great retreat center and I really enjoyed it. I didn't take any pictures, too busy having a good time. We spent most of one day going to Arlington, TX to several quilt shops I hadn't been to before. I particularly liked the Log Cabin Quilt Shop. It had a room designated as "Jo's Room" filled with Jo Morton fabrics and books. Loved that. Another shop was in Burleson, TX which I liked too. I guess the best shop of all was Batiks Galore itself. I have never seen so many beautiful batiks in one place. It was overwhelming, but fun.

Later at home I worked really hard to finish up the two quilts tops of Ann's. I do hope she'll be happy with them. She got the names done and I think they look great. I used my fabrics so it was a great stash buster. But, no more quilts ordered by others. I want to do my daughter and her friend Scrapping tee shirt quilts whenever they're able to give up their tee shirts, but none other than that.