Friday, January 31, 2014

Trimming triangles

I got all fired up to try trimming triangles easier after reading Bonnie Hunters blog on trimming triangles.   At first I couldn't get pictures to load, actually haven't for a while.  Then as happens with technology I accidentally found another way.   I really hate technology!  Anyway, I can now take pictures and put on my posts. It's a little iffy but I'm managing. Oh, by the way my computer no longer works so solely relieving on I- pad or phone. So I have this basket of untrimmed triangles.

So, I'm trying the method of Bonnie's or what I got from the post. 

Ok you put the ruler, in this case a 3.5 in square rule, on a line next to but not touching the  sewing line. 

Cut then line up the other side.  

Cut the other side and you have this 1.5 in. Triangle square. 

I'm thinking of using these babies in a little mini quilt. 

Making progress. Yea!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Progess in the sewing room

It's been a good week getting into the sewing room some each day.  I decided that I would start cutting out blues and neutrals using my Go Cutter.  I want to make the quilt pattern by Bonnie Hunter, "Blue Ridge Beauty"  in her book, Adventures with Leader and Enders.  I've had all these blues out making Alex's quilt and instead of putting it all up I wanted to reduce my stash some. While I am cutting up the blues that were out I'm also pulling dark navy and light blues. I'm cutting a lot of 2' and 3.5" strips. 
Blue strips later started adding neutrals

To use my Go cutter I cut or tear chunks to run through the machine

Two piles of chunks for two different size strips
I don't want to stop on the mystery until I finish it and Aidan's quilt I want to continue on too.

I do need to stop and quilt the Tall and Skinny entry into Beaumont Guild Quilt Show in a couple weeks. Can't forget that either.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas with My Bees

Table runner Exchange from Becky
 I'm late posting these pictures since Christmas.  First set are from our project for Christmas in our Happy Scrappers Group.  You could participate if you chose and I did.  You can see my runner here
that I made.   Everyone puts their table runner in bags that are all the same purchased last year, then we draw numbers.  Anyway we go one at a time and get to see what everyone made.  It's lots of fun.
Back of the runner

Row quilt project at Slightly Bias

This quilt top is the result of a row by row project in the Slightly Bias group.  I start with a row.  My row came from Sept. blocks from a previous exchange.  It's to be 60 in. wide.  We are put in to groups then every two months we swap them around.  Since I'm retired and taught at Maplewood Elementary for 18 of my 20 years teaching, my friends put the name and dates I taught there plus the name of my school.  This means a lot and I do plan to quilt it.  In looking at this picture though, I believe I'll move one of the bottom rows to the top.  We'll see.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Something I would like to make- Hexie Travel Kit

I was browsing the  blogs this morning and came across this tutorial on Bonnie Hunter's site.  It was a link where someone else made the tutorial and Bonnie now has a page to save these on for others to find and use.  She is an organized lady and I love it.  I'm getting better at adding links too.
English Paper Piecing Travel Kit Tutorial.  I want something like this that is more compact and less likely to not have all my needs.  When I go out to sew I've been taking my Slimline box with my paper piecing supplies.  It can come open and I have a tendency to over stock it.

Now for working on my hexes at home I did find in my stash a carrier of sorts that I bought years ago and couldn't find a good use for.  Now it will be my paper piecing organizer for home.
Front of organizer
 The front side has the 3 pockets that are made in such a way they extend out to give you depth to add supplies.  At the top I have hexes in groups of 12 for the next ring on the flower.  The second pocket holds papers and snack bags with sets to make flowers.  The bottom pocket holds my sewing kit, which includes my slimline threader, scissors, finger pincushion, needles, thimbles, and thread.
Back of the organizer
 The back of the organizer has this big pocket, so I chose to put the sandpaper board for drawing on the fabric with my hexes template, a picture from Google search of a quilt I want to copy mine by, and the pieces I started putting together.  There are a few group of hexes that need to be added.
Hanging on a door knob
Now I have had this for a few years as I said and I can't remember where it came from, but I think in Lewisville or some other shop in North Dallas.  I really don't know for sure.  I won't be rolling it up, it doesn't lend itself to that, but it will sure beat the 3 or so containers I did have all this stuff in.  I don't know, it's scary me getting this organized. lol

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Challenge

Reading bloglovin can be great.  There are some wonderfully creative people out there with beautiful projects going on.  There are also some great people who are great at thinking up ideas and putting them in practice.  So, the new challenge, Something old, Something new.  The idea is to work on one UFO a month, defined as something you haven't worked on in three months.  Lord know I have some of these, I get off track often.  Then work on something new to learn some new technique.  That's a little muddier for me, since I like it to be some new project.  However, I realized I could work on quilting my stuff, which I'm not comfortable with that, or machine applique or many other skills I'm not good at.  You can read more about this here

To join in I need to post my two projects.

First, something old.  I made this for a challenge
for my group Happy Scrappers called Tall and Skinny.  It's 18" wide and 60" long.  I've entered it in the local  quilt show in Beaumont TX and it needs to be quilted.  I'm doing this.

 Second, for something new.  I love my knitting group and our leader challenged us to learn to do cables.  So, I've started, but I'd like to carry this skill into another project. And technically I didn't start this until the 10 th of this month.  At first I thought I wouldn't have a bunch of new techniques to learn until I saw the post of others. Now I'm all set, just need to link to the challenge.  That's one skill I just learned.  Yeh

Monday, January 6, 2014

Clue 5 from CS

I did some work on clue 5 after we got back from Dallas.  Since that time I've been in Hope Mills , NC, visiting with my DS and family for Christmas after Christmas.  Needless to say I did not fly with my machine and so have no more done.
Bonnie had her reveal on New Year's day and I've been chomping at the bit to get to sewing.  Instead I have been reading blogs, looking at the completed quilts of so many others and loving it.  Tomorrow I fly home and I'll again be able to sew.