Friday, January 31, 2014

Trimming triangles

I got all fired up to try trimming triangles easier after reading Bonnie Hunters blog on trimming triangles.   At first I couldn't get pictures to load, actually haven't for a while.  Then as happens with technology I accidentally found another way.   I really hate technology!  Anyway, I can now take pictures and put on my posts. It's a little iffy but I'm managing. Oh, by the way my computer no longer works so solely relieving on I- pad or phone. So I have this basket of untrimmed triangles.

So, I'm trying the method of Bonnie's or what I got from the post. 

Ok you put the ruler, in this case a 3.5 in square rule, on a line next to but not touching the  sewing line. 

Cut then line up the other side.  

Cut the other side and you have this 1.5 in. Triangle square. 

I'm thinking of using these babies in a little mini quilt. 

Making progress. Yea!

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