Friday, November 19, 2010

Success at last

As I look at these pictures I see my design wall needs some work This comes from not knowing what I'm doing at the time. Anyway picture one is the name tag I made, but haven't finished for the new Contraband Quilters Guild. Picture two is the block I made for the same group as a swap I think. Anyway, this is for first Mon. in Dec. and I'm almost there.

Third picture is what is on the wall. The retreat in Palestine yielded this new technique for cutting stripped fabric. I need to play with the setting before I sew it together. Later on that.

I finally am having success getting onto my blog last night. Made a post last night and today managed to post a picture of an Autumn quilt I put out for the season. Found the new background too. I may be over doing the Autumn theme, but oh well.

Anyway, here's to say I may get into my sewing room today. Will do the two bindings in the wings, that I need to get done before going to Belzoni on Monday to visit the family for Thanksgiving. I will try again to put up a picture or two. Later.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Checking In

So far I haven't been able to get my blog to work in Mozella. I learned tonight about the ability to download more than one operating system at a time on your computer. I downloaded Google Chrome. Facebook still doesn't want to work right, but the only way to get to my blog, short of being on John's computer is to try this. I realize that this is not about quilting, but until I get this worked out, I can't tell you about my quilting.

Today a friend let me come and she quilted my Slightly Bias Christmas quilt on her Staler Stitcher quilting machine. It was fascinating to see how she used the computer to set up the design and then her machine did the work. The quilt turned out beautifully and all I need to do now is put on the binding. I am going to post a picture soon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's been going on

The biggest thing is computer problems and have't been able to make posts. I'm on John's computer and can't post pictures, but I have been sewing in among the frustrating episodes with my computer.

I've also worked on finishing up swaps and on the log cabin for Emily. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with that one. My daughter is going to let her use the quilt I made for her king size bed. The point is to give Emily some idea how big a quilt she wants. Orginally she wanted a quilt 110 by 130. Then I need to decide on what pattern to place the logs in.

I've made two backs for quilts plus the bindings. One is the project for the Slightly Bias group. Tomorrow I go out a a friend who is going to help me quilt it. She has a long arm machine. I've never worked on one of those before. Guess I can learn.

I have the row by row to do next for the Happy Scrappers group. Hopefully, after Christmas I can work on things like dear Jane. I've gotten totally stopped on that project.
Well enough for now. Hope I can get my own computer working soon.

Monday, November 8, 2010

More About Houston Quilt Show.

It really was a great trip to Houston. I had a really good time. The ladies I was with; Sharie, Joan and Angel were wonderful company and all of us liked Mexican food so we easier agreed on where to eat. We stayed at a good hotel that was a block and a half from the George Brown Center. The weather was cold the first two days, but was beautiful coming home.

I only bought about 3 yards total at the show, but we also stopped at Painted Pony and Quilts in LePorte coming home and I found some fabric I had to have there. My big purchase was my new cutting table from Tracey's table. It should arrive before Christmas. Now I have no excuse for not cleaning up my room.

I'm still tinkling about dates fro the retreat from IQA raffle. I should be getting in touch with them soon to try and set that up. I think my feet finally have touched the ground.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Houston Internaional Quilt show

Do I have a story to tell. These are the friends I went to the Houston Quilt show with. There are, (from left to right) Sharie, Joan , myself and Angel. Angel had us go to the IQA Quiltapollussa Thrusday night. As Part of the program you could buy 3 raffle tickets for $5. Angel told us she didn't gamble but we should get these tickets. Well, there were 3 quilt retreats for prizes. One in Calf., one in Colorado and one in LaGrange, Tx. Since you have to get yourself there, we decided to put our tickets all in the one for LeGrange. Guess who won!!! Yes, me. The prize includes a weekend for 12 of us free. The details are fabulous and my friends and I are all so excited.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lastest project on the Wall

I started with 6 fat quarters, I added an accent and the dark. This is turning out much bigger than I originally thought it would. It's due the first of Dec. quilted and bound. I'm thinking I won't be engaging in this kind of swap again. In fact, with all the swaps I'm trying to do, I don't seem to be doing much I want to do. Solution is to stop all but the most interesting swaps and limit it to a very few. Trouble is I'm a sucker for a scrappy swap. Later, on that.

Retreat in Palestine

One of the prettiest places I've been retreating lately. Good company with lots of projects going on and lots of talking. Also took a day trip and visited 3 quilt shops. I worked on lots of swaps and didn't feel I accomplished a lot, but I did make progress.
Biggest project I did involved working on a quilt for Slightly Bias group. I need to have a quilt made and quilted by first of Dec. Made a good bit of progress on it, but still have a ways to go.