Sunday, February 28, 2016

Progress on my Hexagon quilt

Sometimes I stitch Hexagons, sometimes it's embroidery, then sometimes it's applique.  Trouble is I love them all.  So, when I get to working on one I stay with it for a week or so, then poof I'm working on another.  This week it's been the Hexagon quilt.  I have enough parts constructed to complete another row.

I'll be linking up with others at Slow Stitching Sunday at Kathy's quilts to see who else is stitching slow today.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lately in the sewing room

Lately in the sewing room, lots of folding of fabric and focusing on small and large projects.
Leader and ender framed four patches

 I actually have several Leader and Ender projects that I play with.  Last year Bonnie Hunter proposed this one in conjunction with Quilt maker magazine.  I figured out her size from one of her Quilt Cams and started using the little 1.5 in. squares to make 4 patches.  Also scoured my stash of 2.5 in. squares to start this.  Of course Bonnie, who sews constantly, has tons made and a quilt top made.  That's why I have so many little Leader Ender projects because I keep starting them.  Anyway this is fun and I'm on this one at this time.

Putting rows together of John's quilt
I've worked on putting two's, four's and 8's patches together.  Cutting seems to keep going on, so glad I have a die for my Go Cutter, but at some point I needed to start putting it together.  I am adding the border fabric to each side and will trim at the end.  I made a row and went and checked with John as to width.  He's 6.2 so it matters.  So now to get it long enough.  As I do the rows I work to make sure I don't have a blob of color that will draw the eye.  On a colorful quilt such as this, the eye will go to any blobs it can.  PS, if you're wondering about the blocks at the top of the design wall, there are 11 of them now.  I make one occasionally for a future quilt.

Folding fabrics

I ordered comic book inserts, 100 a pack to fold fabric on.  I got two packs and will need many more I'm sure.  I had read on a blog, no idea which one, anyway she commented how well they worked and were so much cheaper.  I wanted to try this and see.  My wire baskets hold these just fine.  What's really neat I get a good view of the fabric and can choose what I want  so much easier.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bunkhouse retreat

 Hampton Square

 Went on a retreat recently in TX.  I brought my on going project Hampton Square block of the month I got in 2014.  I worked on all the blocks , 41 of them and got sashing put on two sides of each block at the other retreats .  Any how this time I started putting the rows together and added sashing where needed.  Took three days to do so.  This is it before any of the borders are put on.  I fixed a problem someone saw for me and now will keep working.  I think I want it custom quilted. 
  As far as the retreat center, we all liked it and booked for next year.   

January Small Quilt Challenge With Kathleen Tracy

Coin quilt  15 3/4 by 18 3/4
The Challenge this month was to use strips in any way you chose.  Kathleen showed a coin quilt and I went through my log cabin box and looked for 1800's. I always have a lot of the 1.5 by 2.5 size from little left overs.  Finally got to use them   I'm going to try quilting this one and I think a dark binding will add another touch.  

Countraband Quilters host Debbie Maddy

What a great class day.  This is the group shot at the end of the day.  A good group came,
She was a great teacher and I learned a lot.  One of the biggest things was how to press, yes press half square triangles.  It will really change my accuracy in the future.  

We used 8 fat quarters to make the quilt she's showing called a carpenter's star.  I am making the wall size.  The picture shows how you can place your fabric in the most pleasing way.  Works really good.
There were plenty of tips all day long and lots of demonstrations.  I really enjoyed the day, enough though I had just returned from a 4 day retreat and was tired.  My quilt is pinned into rows and only waits for me to finish putting it together.  Other things in the way now.