Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Le Grange Retreat

We had an absolutely wonderful retreat at the ranch of Kerey Bresanhan. She had graciously donated this retreat to the American Quilters Society for a raffle and I won it. The building is where we worked and most slept.
Pamela Kersh was our retreat coordinator and greeted us so warmly when we arrived. her many duties were to provide us breakfast each morning and also helped prepare and serve one catered meal.

This is me, one happy camper.

Our area was very large and had so many amenities that quilter love. Cutting tables, chairs, mats, irons and huge table to work on.

Some of us accomplished more than others and worked on many things such as embroidery, applique, scarp booking and of course quilting.

These are the wonderful friends that joined me on this retreat. Even my daughter Leigh and her friend were able to come. A good time was had by all. We were all ready to go again.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

More 2011 finishes

I'm making progress on binding my quilts. So technically we can say it a 2011 finish, when I really made these last year. Good news is that they are not several years old. Since I'm not crazy about binding, I fell like I've accomplished a lot.

Otherwise, since I finished the log cabin quilt, I've been working on nine patches. Ann wants two twin size quilts for her granddaughters and I told her I would do them. The wonderful new tool my Accuquilt go is making all the difference. I cut the two inch
strips for the muslin and the prints. The Go will cut 4 -two inch strips at a time. I use three strips for the nine patches and have one left for my scrap drawer. It makes things go fast. I make negative and positive nine patches and plan to make one quilt with the positives and one with the negatives if I like it. It's been fun to work this way.
The other thing I have done is finished the back for the blue and gold quilt. Just need to get it to the quilter.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Big finish

Big, big finish! This is Emily's quilt and it's huge, 108" by117". I had to take it to a friend's house to get this picture and still couldn't get it all in one shot. I really like it. A true scrap quilt and the tail end of my red neck box( pizza box with cut logs gathered over time). Now to get the back ready. I need to add some inches to my extra wide backing for the quilter. Then on to making binding. I may put together all my left over bindings to get a real scrappy look.

For the Slightly Bias bee I made the Madri Gras block. Turned out okay, not great, but still okay. Next month is an Easter Block. Still want to stay with my log cabin block. As I look at this block I am thinking how I could have gotten a different look. I could have had the green and gold on separate sides. That would be more of what I wanted. Don't know if I have enough material. Just thinking. I did try a Court House Step block , but the sizing was wrong.