Thursday, December 26, 2013

Clue 2 with Bonnie Hunter

I've been here in Lewisville while my DD recovers from surgery.  During this time my GD and I have been sewing some. I finally finished clue 2 of the mystery. That seem to take forever!
Clue 2 all 100 of them!

100 half squares 10 plus pinwheels; 30 plus 4 patches
 I did cut and work on clues 3 & 4 as I plodded along on clue 2.   My DH and I will travel home Thursday after enjoying Christmas with the family.   Hope to get started on clue 5 and finish clue 3 & 4 before flying to NC to be with son & family for a week.   No sewing then I'm afraid.   You can find the other links here :

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sewing away on Celtic Solstice

It's linkup Monday again and time to show my progress on the mystery with Bonnie Hunter. I finally finished Clue 1.  I'm making the smaller quilt and have been cutting, then sewing, then back to cutting which is the way I work. I'm slow, but works best for me.

I worked on Clue 2 some in between clue 1, still have a way to go. as of yet.  But true to my scrappy heart when Clue 3 came out there I was back to pulling and cutting fabric for that as well as Clue 2.  Sometimes I think I should make more progress or sew faster, but I'm just enjoying the process too much.

As you see I have a few pinwheels, three in fact and 10 half square triangles for clue 3, not many, but I do have 40 plus chevrons from clue 2 done.  Just making progress.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery with Bonnie Hunter

My first mystery with Bonnie.  This year I wanted to participate.  I was gone to MS when the first clue came out, and last week was very busy, so I just got started.

Clue 1:  I went first to my 3.5 inch drawer for blue and orange strips and found a few, then to blue strips from Alex's quilt and finally to my stash for the blue and orange.  I had all the light 3.5 strips I needed.  I really love the strip system.  Anyway got to cutting with my Tri Rec rulers.  I done several quilts with these and guess that Bonnie will have us making star blocks, but she may surprise us.

So far I have 30 orange and blue completed.

Clue 2  I had to hunt the stash for green, not my favorite color.  I'm finding what I need but really need to add more green to my stash and quilts.  After this I will check my 2 inch square box for already cut squares, before hitting the strip 2 inch drawer and then on to the stash.  I hope this green I've chosen works.

The link back to Bonnie's site is here at Quiltville.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Machine quilting

Haven't done this in a while.  I needed a table runner for the Happy Scrappers' Christmas party.  You only get a present if you bring one.  I like getting a present, makes the party more fun.  Anyway, it needed to be quilted, so I broke out my latest tool.

The Steady Betty worked great, better than great.  I felt I had more control and it came out better than usual.

I did a simple meandering stitch.  So far so good, then I decided to machine stitch down the binding.  I really didn't think I had time to hand stitch, but as always, I had trouble getting it stitched down and look good at the same time.  But finally, finished it and was pleased with the results.  I'm looking forward to the party.

On another note, I decided to quit one of the groups I was in.  I'll miss seeing the people, but I wasn't that happy with the activities of the group.  And I want more time to do quilts I've wanted to do for so long.  Time to quit putting them off and just get started.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Baby quilt delivered

I went to MS for Thanksgiving and was able to deliver the baby quilt.  My niece Dana was delighted.
Dana looking at the quilt

Dana showing off her stomach

Looking at the back

So great to see someone so happy with the quilt.  Lelia Nelle Vance is due next week..