Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery with Bonnie Hunter

My first mystery with Bonnie.  This year I wanted to participate.  I was gone to MS when the first clue came out, and last week was very busy, so I just got started.

Clue 1:  I went first to my 3.5 inch drawer for blue and orange strips and found a few, then to blue strips from Alex's quilt and finally to my stash for the blue and orange.  I had all the light 3.5 strips I needed.  I really love the strip system.  Anyway got to cutting with my Tri Rec rulers.  I done several quilts with these and guess that Bonnie will have us making star blocks, but she may surprise us.

So far I have 30 orange and blue completed.

Clue 2  I had to hunt the stash for green, not my favorite color.  I'm finding what I need but really need to add more green to my stash and quilts.  After this I will check my 2 inch square box for already cut squares, before hitting the strip 2 inch drawer and then on to the stash.  I hope this green I've chosen works.

The link back to Bonnie's site is here at Quiltville.


Frances said...

Glad you have joined us. I did my first Mystery last year, and had great fun.

Linda said...

It's been fun so far just looking at what everyone has done.