Monday, December 16, 2013

Sewing away on Celtic Solstice

It's linkup Monday again and time to show my progress on the mystery with Bonnie Hunter. I finally finished Clue 1.  I'm making the smaller quilt and have been cutting, then sewing, then back to cutting which is the way I work. I'm slow, but works best for me.

I worked on Clue 2 some in between clue 1, still have a way to go. as of yet.  But true to my scrappy heart when Clue 3 came out there I was back to pulling and cutting fabric for that as well as Clue 2.  Sometimes I think I should make more progress or sew faster, but I'm just enjoying the process too much.

As you see I have a few pinwheels, three in fact and 10 half square triangles for clue 3, not many, but I do have 40 plus chevrons from clue 2 done.  Just making progress.

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