Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trip to Phoenix for applique classes

 Eliska and her sister planned this retreat  to have a teacher Nancy Bugby to come and teach applique for 3 days.  I jumped on the invite and flew to Phoenix with Eliska.  Her other sister and sister in law also came.  At fist we gathered at the home of Brenda and Roy.  For two days we spent tones of time going from one quilt shop to another.  There are soooo many quilt shops in the Phoenix area.  Anyway that was great.  I really limited myself due to coming home on the plane.  I did get home with all of it.

Then we went 2.5 hours to Heber, in the mountains.  I loved the ride up and going through the changes in geography.  It was so gorgeous.  the cabin was outstanding, Two story, spacious and all the amenities.  Definitely the best retreat place.  Nancy was great, we learned a lot.  I got a lot of instructon on machine and hand applique.  Although I've been hand appliqueing for a long time, I still learned some neat things.  I also got to looking at fabrics different too.
I really enjoyed all the ladies that came.
Our group including Nancy.

And then there was the wildlife.  I was a serious tourist while I was there in Arizona.  Loved every bit of it.

And then there was the quilt.  So Pretty.  I do hope to make at least a four block quilt for a memory quilt.  I got Arizona fabric for a trip memeory quilt.  More for my UFO list!

Another milestone for the Cassie and family

Cassie and Katie the night of pinning

Cassie receiving her pin

 The grand kids enjoying the pool at the hotel.

Edward and Leigh

The three of us 

The precious four grandchildren
Made the trip up to Rustin to attend the ceremony of Cassie getting pinned.  She's a nurse now.  Leigh and Ashleigh came over from Dallas.  We got some time to visit over the weekend.  Since they may be moving to North Carolina during the summer, this was a special visit.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scrap booking Retreat and visiting

Leigh loved the tee shirt quilt I made for her

I got to Lewisville in time to see Ashleigh in volley ball practice.

Ashleigh is quite good and loves the sport

At Hobby House Retreat center for a retreat

Leigh and I retreating together and yes I do a little scrape booking

The wonderful group of ladies we retreat with

The Bluebonnets were beautiful

Leigh and her honey David

One of David's gorgeous Irises