Sunday, March 13, 2011

More 2011 finishes

I'm making progress on binding my quilts. So technically we can say it a 2011 finish, when I really made these last year. Good news is that they are not several years old. Since I'm not crazy about binding, I fell like I've accomplished a lot.

Otherwise, since I finished the log cabin quilt, I've been working on nine patches. Ann wants two twin size quilts for her granddaughters and I told her I would do them. The wonderful new tool my Accuquilt go is making all the difference. I cut the two inch
strips for the muslin and the prints. The Go will cut 4 -two inch strips at a time. I use three strips for the nine patches and have one left for my scrap drawer. It makes things go fast. I make negative and positive nine patches and plan to make one quilt with the positives and one with the negatives if I like it. It's been fun to work this way.
The other thing I have done is finished the back for the blue and gold quilt. Just need to get it to the quilter.

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Lizziebeth said...

Oh Linda I have that 1st one sitting in a box somewhere, I need to get it out and finish it before it dry-rots. Very pretty quilts.