Friday, November 19, 2010

Success at last

As I look at these pictures I see my design wall needs some work This comes from not knowing what I'm doing at the time. Anyway picture one is the name tag I made, but haven't finished for the new Contraband Quilters Guild. Picture two is the block I made for the same group as a swap I think. Anyway, this is for first Mon. in Dec. and I'm almost there.

Third picture is what is on the wall. The retreat in Palestine yielded this new technique for cutting stripped fabric. I need to play with the setting before I sew it together. Later on that.

I finally am having success getting onto my blog last night. Made a post last night and today managed to post a picture of an Autumn quilt I put out for the season. Found the new background too. I may be over doing the Autumn theme, but oh well.

Anyway, here's to say I may get into my sewing room today. Will do the two bindings in the wings, that I need to get done before going to Belzoni on Monday to visit the family for Thanksgiving. I will try again to put up a picture or two. Later.

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