Friday, November 5, 2010

Houston Internaional Quilt show

Do I have a story to tell. These are the friends I went to the Houston Quilt show with. There are, (from left to right) Sharie, Joan , myself and Angel. Angel had us go to the IQA Quiltapollussa Thrusday night. As Part of the program you could buy 3 raffle tickets for $5. Angel told us she didn't gamble but we should get these tickets. Well, there were 3 quilt retreats for prizes. One in Calf., one in Colorado and one in LaGrange, Tx. Since you have to get yourself there, we decided to put our tickets all in the one for LeGrange. Guess who won!!! Yes, me. The prize includes a weekend for 12 of us free. The details are fabulous and my friends and I are all so excited.


Mary Lou Casada said...

How cool is that!!!?? Congratulations! If only I lived close enough to ask to be one of the 12!! LOL Enjoy, enjoy!
Mary Lou

Linda said...

Yes, it is so cool. I will enjoy.