Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Challenge

Reading bloglovin can be great.  There are some wonderfully creative people out there with beautiful projects going on.  There are also some great people who are great at thinking up ideas and putting them in practice.  So, the new challenge, Something old, Something new.  The idea is to work on one UFO a month, defined as something you haven't worked on in three months.  Lord know I have some of these, I get off track often.  Then work on something new to learn some new technique.  That's a little muddier for me, since I like it to be some new project.  However, I realized I could work on quilting my stuff, which I'm not comfortable with that, or machine applique or many other skills I'm not good at.  You can read more about this here

To join in I need to post my two projects.

First, something old.  I made this for a challenge
for my group Happy Scrappers called Tall and Skinny.  It's 18" wide and 60" long.  I've entered it in the local  quilt show in Beaumont TX and it needs to be quilted.  I'm doing this.

 Second, for something new.  I love my knitting group and our leader challenged us to learn to do cables.  So, I've started, but I'd like to carry this skill into another project. And technically I didn't start this until the 10 th of this month.  At first I thought I wouldn't have a bunch of new techniques to learn until I saw the post of others. Now I'm all set, just need to link to the challenge.  That's one skill I just learned.  Yeh


Lynne said...

Welcome to the challenge. I'm really excited that, like me, you mix your crafts. I always intended the challenge to be for all kinds of stitching. And, woohoo, a new skill that you hadn't even thought of!

Linda said...

You bet, I'm glad too. I think with our crafts there is slways something else to explore. Glad to be here.