Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Progess in the sewing room

It's been a good week getting into the sewing room some each day.  I decided that I would start cutting out blues and neutrals using my Go Cutter.  I want to make the quilt pattern by Bonnie Hunter, "Blue Ridge Beauty"  in her book, Adventures with Leader and Enders.  I've had all these blues out making Alex's quilt and instead of putting it all up I wanted to reduce my stash some. While I am cutting up the blues that were out I'm also pulling dark navy and light blues. I'm cutting a lot of 2' and 3.5" strips. 
Blue strips later started adding neutrals

To use my Go cutter I cut or tear chunks to run through the machine

Two piles of chunks for two different size strips
I don't want to stop on the mystery until I finish it and Aidan's quilt I want to continue on too.

I do need to stop and quilt the Tall and Skinny entry into Beaumont Guild Quilt Show in a couple weeks. Can't forget that either.

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