Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quilt Finishes



While in Baton Rouge on a quilt retreat, I quilted my Tall and Skinny Challenge so that I could enter it in the GTQG Show that's coming up.  I worked on this 3 whole days while I was there.  Now mind you this piece is 18 in. by 60 in. so it not a bed quilt.  However, I had done a lot of thinking and practicing and worked hard. I was working on my 1080 Bernina machine   Since it's for a show I tried to be neat and have good stitches.  I also tried a new binding for it too  In this method, You cut for a flange and sew it on by machine.   It was pretty simple, You cut 1 3/8 in of main fabric and 1 5/8 of flange fabric.  Sew these two together and fold in half.  Then sew with flange fabric up on the back of the quilt.  Bring it to the front and stitch it down.  I went back and stitched down the corners by hand. It finished this piece off very nicely.

By that quilt you see a midget quilt.  This quilt is 8 by 10 inches and I made this Sunday afternoon for the Mini quilt auction.  I loved the fact that I pulled out my drawer of 1 1/2 in half square triangles and put them together to make this.  It has a mixture of fabrics including batiks, 1800's and just regular stash.  Then I picked out a border and quilted it.  I'm feeling braver about quilting now and I think it turned out pretty good.

While I was on a roll of binding, I finished up the Small pyramid quilt I had English Paper /Pieced for another finish.  
It feels good to have this done only a month into this year.

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