Sunday, February 23, 2014

Something Old, Something New Challenge Feb.

I hadn't posted on this yet, since I got into all or nothing thinking.  I'm thinking I had to finish my two posts from January.  Not so as I read more.  So first I did get my Lollipop Trees quilted, Old UFO, and also used a skill I hadn't tried before which was a binding on the machine with two fabrics making a piping.  The second was a new skill in knitting of making cables.  I didn't finish the headband, but I am very comfortable with doing this now.  Now for pictures.  
Quilted and bound

Close up of binder

Progress on the Headband, my new skill of cables

I have picked up a BOM that I've been getting since July.  That qualifies as old.  It will have 4 to 5 blocks a month.  Since I don't want to put it away I think that will be my old.  I started by making one block at the retreat I just came home from.  
As for my new, it will be a string quilt from novelty prints from my grandson.  I figure I will need 80 -7.5 in. blocks.  Something else I started this weekend.  Now to get pictures of that.

Novelty string quilt beginning

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