Saturday, February 15, 2014

Binding goes slowly

For years, I've complained about Binding, didn't want to do it, didn't like it and paid whomever would do it for me.  Well, I'm changing my mind.  I've been at home for a week with what has to be Flu symptoms and so didn't feel like sewing.  Finally, by day 3, I picked up the red and white quilt and started working slowly on binding.  For some unknown reason I've been enjoying it. I had just finished a small wall hanging and enjoyed the binding process.  Could it be; IS IT BEING 65!  Who knows!  Still I'm enjoying it.  I even started thinking what else is in there that I could quilt quickly and bind.  Who knew this reversal in thinking would happen!  Sorry, didn't have any pictures so today you have to list to me babble.  Till another day.

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