Sunday, February 5, 2012

Working on another small quilt

Today I got into the sewing room and wanted to start a quilt with the small quilts group on Yahoo.  Kathy Tracy is the moderator is choosing a quilt a month from one of her books.  The one this time is a broken dishes quilt, so I decided to do it.  Now I still have strips 2.5 in. , lots in fact, from the Sylvia Bridal Sample quilt and my trusty triangle Easy angle ruler so I got started.

First I sorted the strips by color

Then I choose some colors to work with

A second culling and I limited my color choices

Using my ruler I stared cutting triangles
Now it's time to sew some half square triangles

With a trimming ruler I got that perfect 2.5 in. square

Last the pieces set up to audition them

 It's Super Bowl time and I joined my husband to watch the game.  I'll probably rearrange a few things tomorrow before I sew blocks.  Then pick out borders.  So far, I'm liking this!

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