Thursday, December 25, 2014

Through the year- Some memories

Visit with Edward and family
Alex got a new bike for Christmas and they all had to get out their bikes.  We had a day at the Raleigh Children's Museum.

Edward and Cassie waiting for the boys to play

Airport the day I left

 I got new flooring put down and started setting up my sewing room.

Once my room got set up I did lots of sewing parts that eventually turned or will turn into quilts.

Most days  John and I spent time together with our spoiled puppy Buddy.
A visit to Dallas and snow

Visits in July and at Thanksgiving

Both families here in July

A retreat in Palestine

Cold day on the pier

Friends and retreats good combinations

Retreating with Ashleigh while Mom and Dad went to Denver

Home of Throwed Rolls
My view from my sewing station
 Retreat in Alabama

Houston Quilt show
Handwork Through the year

Yarn from Ashleigh at Christmas
My knitting
My English paper piecing
More applique

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