Thursday, December 11, 2014

Return from Mississippi

Del, my brother went into renal failure and got put into the hospital.  I rushed to MS to see him.  I must say I got very scared.  Anyway, he's better, but still in the hospital.  He'll be having a kidney biopsey today.  Hopefully they will determine what is wrong and get those kidneys working again.  Hell be there until.  Leigh and family had just left on Monday when I took off on Friday   Got back last night.  So far all I've done is stay on the computer.  My sister's internet wasn't  working for the most part of my trip.  So I'm very behind.  Christmas shopping isn't done and so on.  Oh well, family first.

Now is a good time to try to organize myself, make some list and actually get on with it. 

In my sewing room, I finished the mug rugs, but didn't get a picture.  The news about Del came up on sew day and Joan took the last snowman block to finish for me for the swap in Happy Scrappers and deliver the mug rugs.  Thank goodness for friends.

Next order of business in sewing room is to get Ashleigh's quilt top together. and CLEAN that room!

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