Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alphabet quilt

You know as with most of the fabrics we quilters buy, we know that finding the same fabric is a shot in the dark.  I was very excited to find the ABC fabric like I used on Alex's alphabet quilt shown here.  Cassie requested a quilt for both Aidan and Andrew so the great hunt began.  I found the red letters in Lewisville, at Quilt Country and felt very fortunate.  Then I had the dilemma of trying to decide how to make it. 
I wanted to begin with Aidan's since he's in Mother's Day Out this summer.  I thought I'd look in my juvenile fabric drawer and what a mess I found.  Evidently I've been just shoving fabric back in there including scraps. Nothing a bunch of time won't cure.  I did find some really cute prints that look very suitable for a boy's quilt and will start cutting that out tomorrow.  Nothing like looking and touching fabric to get one all inspired. 

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