Monday, October 4, 2010

On the Wall, Andrew's quilt

Last Sunday I got to cutting on the quilt for Andrew. Then it percolated in my brain all last week about exactly how I wanted to make this. The LQS had 3 complimentary fabrics to go with this line, Alphabet Zoo. I got all 3 and decided to use the green and blue to border the letters and will be using the white with letters for the border. I also have a panel which will be part of the back. Andrew's name at the bottom will be in blue and I'm not sure how I will be handling the last few letters. I think I'm over thinking this whole thing. All this thinking also spurred planning for other projects. I did decide how I want to make another quilt I need to do for Slightly Bias bee, which I will start soon. So, need to get off this computer and go sew...

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