Friday, January 21, 2011

Update on Sewing Room

I wasn't brave enough to post picutres of what my room looked like before, just suffice it to say, it was a wreck. Frist of all I bought this wonderful cutting table from Tracey's table at the Houston Quilt Show. After it was delivered I took off for Dallas, seriously, that day. So, I had more than a week to think about how to arrange things. I wanted my stash of strips and other pieces cut from the stash leftovers to be handy. I do use these a lot and my custom now is to cut up scraps as I finish a project. I also want to really empty out stuff thats just been sitting in my sewing room for years in some cases. I decided this when I realised I still had a wooden apple that my son Edward gave me in Jr. High, he's over 30 now. Time to let that go!
On top of all that, I got a Go Accucut for Christmas from the family, WOW, and I wanted it handy too. So far, this is what I have completed. There is still another room half full with stuff from my sewing room I had to move to get the table in. Oh so much to do!!

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Sharie - Moss Bluff said...

Hey, it is looking good. That table is nice. My room could not handle something that large, but my sunroom could, that is, if I would get rid of something. The problem being, I don't know what I would get rid of. See you soon.