Sunday, January 29, 2012

What's been on the Wall

Well, I had been working until my cruise and since I've been back I can't seem to get cranked up again.  So, today I read some of the online groups and looked at some others blogs and thought I'd update mine, so hopefully I'll get inspired.

Pink Lemonade
This is what has been going on in the sewing room.  I did complete the bocks and put this together since I've been back.  It's a quilt along from a blog by Lori called Humble Quilting.  The quilt is called Pink Lemonade.  I've been wanting to use the yellow for a long time.  Turns out it's a cheddar and looks great with reproduction fabrics.  Who would have thought of putting yellow and pink together.  It looks great though.  Since this is a small quilt I will quilt it myself.

3' finished bow ties
I got this idea from Bonnie Hunter's blog.  Seems they started them this summer, but I just got started.  I'm using the 2" strips and fabrics I have out now working on the other quilt.  They are so cute too.  Don't know how many I'll make but will do just until I'm tired of them. 
So, now I think maybe I'm ready to go into my sewing room for a while.  Happy sewing all.


Karen said...

Your Pink Lemonade looks a lot like mine. My husband did not like the strong combo of the pink and cheddar. I told him that many other ladies were making the same quilt in the same color combo.

Linda said...

I struggle at first, but I wanted t try and see how it turned out. Do thnk I'll use the pink as binding to bring it out more.