Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back in the sewing room

So back in town from a wonderful visit with the kids for Christmas.  So much fun to see the grandkids too.  Ashleigh and I visited the yarn shop Woolie Ewe in Plano, Tx.  She's interested in taking knitting or crochet lessons this summer.  The nice lady at the shop gave her a crochet flower.  Then I made her another.  I was surprised that I still remember how to crochet.
After we got home, after putting stuff up and doing the laundry I got into the sewing room and put the final border on the quilt from a mystery hosted by Pasty in Happy Scrappers.  This is such a big quilt, I really have to pay attention to size and make things smaller from now on.  I have no place to keep these large quilts anymore.  I am going to get this quilted and maybe use it in the summer time.  So the next thing to do is get a back and binding made.

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