Sunday, April 11, 2010

Update on Quilting Room progress

As happens with me often, I'm thinking about one project, but when I get into my room I end up on another.  What I got started on was the Honeycomb swap blocks.  I started putting them together, thinking I needed to decide if I wanted to make more blocks or not.  I had seen an antique quilt of all honeycomb blocks, no border, and I loved it.  I want to do mine that way.  Last year I hosted two swaps of blocks, but didn't get that much participation.  I'm hosting another in Happy Scrapes and from the way things are turning out, I'll need more blocks. 

I finished up these rows today.  I haven't put them together yet.  I made probably 20 more blocks to finish out the rows.  I think I want to add 2 more rows.  That would be 36 blocks.  I may swap them, or just use my own.  That would be quicker.  Just need to get them cut out in the next few days.

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