Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Craving a quilt session

I'm missing my sewing so much.  As I sit here with my foot propped up reading quilting blogs and looking at pictures and thinking of quilting, I miss sewing.  My foot is recovering slowly and mostly I've been hurting too much to have the desire to quilt, but today I want to quilt.  I can't drive, and being as I sew with my right foot, I'm pretty sure that would be hard to do with my left foot. 

But....The 9th block of the jelly roll sampler was posted today and it looks fun.  I'm ready, let's go, but oh my foot hurts!  Hopefully, I'll at least be up to visiting a little while with Polly's group today, I'm going to try.

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Quilting Queen said...

Poor hang in there,rest that foot and let it heal...quilting is not going anywhere you can't catch up.