Friday, June 25, 2010


My first project of embroidery. I've had this piece for a long time. Can't remember when I got this, but it kept floating to the top of the pile. I got this produce to transfer the pattern I wanted to try and it worked really well. I've been watching my friends at Polly's group and picked up a few tricks, such as putting muslin behind the background to keep the knots from showing through. Worked great. Only thing I need to do in the future is cut the background much bigger to give plenty of room for the hoop.

My plans to finish this are to follow a small quilt I saw in a Jo Morton book.  I'm going to cut 1" stripes in reds, blues and gold and go around the piece.  Not so much log cabin, just random.  I'll finish is up with quilting and finally adding buttons in the blank spots on the framing stitches.

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