Monday, May 30, 2011

The month of quilting

I haven't been doing much this month in the sewing room. Just a few things and I didn't take pictures of all. This is a star for the 100 quilts for soldiers project. Lots of folks in the area contributed.

Mostly I've been working on the two quilts for Ann's granddaughters. So far they are alike and will only be different with the names put on them. Lots of sewing on these.

Slightly Bias bee block of the month for May was for a block for mothers. Momma always loved roses, so this one is for her.

More blocks for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and I am ready to be done. Plan to stop now and put this on my list to be finished.

We made this quilt for Kerry as a token of thanks for the retreat to LeGrange, Tx.

The biggest project I've had this month is working on the row by row for Happy Scrappers. I stared at it forever, looking at a lot of books and magazines. I considered applique and paper piecing, trying my hands at both. Finally settled on the Rosebud block. I considered other options for background, but couldn't find one that worked.

The Rosebud block is 6 inches finished which is big compared with the beginning row. I decided it would work with the second row.

Then came choosing the colors. Batiks worked best since the fabric usually has variations in it.

Finally finished today.

Th end results worked out okay. I like the colors, not so sure about the size and space from the last row. However, I have no other ideas. so much for this month.

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