Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blogger problem

Blogger problem!  I can't get this silly thing to post pictures from my computer.  I'm not crazy about blogging without pictures, it adds so much to the ones I follow.  I've look for help, but so far nothing worked.  If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

On the quilting front, I have cut out and started on a swap.  I'm making 12 Cowboy boots.  The pattern is from a Fons and Porter issue some time ago.  So far I have 1 made. 

I have also been cleaning some in the sewing room.  I'm beginning to see some progress in there.  Also, I've organized 2 of my leader ender projects to make them into quilt tops.  One is the Cheddar Bow tie, the other is a pattern from the Addicted to Scraps column from Quiltmaker by Bonnie Hunter.  I have 3.5- 4 patches and am making blocks that use solid cheddar and red.  They are turning out real well.  The organizing has helped move these projects along.  I'm using the trays I bought this summer, they work well for setting up blocks I'm making a lot of. 


Cactusneedle said...

You have to sign in thru Google Chrome and do you blog in that mode. I hate it. I hope they change it back.

Helen McNaught said...

I read that is something to do with using Internet Explorer. So if you are using it, you need to change Browsers, like the comment above... try Chrome or Safari if you have it. I use Safari and have not had any problems loading photos from my computer.