Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Changed my mind

The neat thing about quilting is the ability to redo things, at least until it's quilted.  Then it's too late, of course.  Last post I showed you some blocks I am putting together, small Bow ties.  I had a few lights in there and was going to keep them, but my friend came over and after she looked at the blocks, her comment was, "I don't think I like those", and I knew she was right.  So, after she left I changed them.  I'm much better satisfied.
I do like this so much better.  

Thanks to my friends that gave me the tip to open in Google Chrome to post the pictures. 


Sharie - Moss Bluff said...

I think I commented before about the color. I really do like that mustard. I have also had problems with posting pictures. Everytime I go into Chrome so I can do it, then I end up with other problems. Today, I posted, changed back to IE and then had problems with my Email provider. For some reason it changed that. This is a pain in the behind.

Quilting Queen said...

You made a good choice...the light squares drew the eye and you didn't notice the wonderful rest. Without the light squares it has a great balanced look. Love the mustard background. Looking forward to seeing it all finished.