Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sewing room renovation or "dust up"

I made the decision to replace the carpet in my sewing room.  The process of emptying the sewing room has been very busy.  I filled the dining room and then some went into the computer room.  That's only part of the procedure.  

Dining room

More in the dining room

Computer room

Views of the sewing room in the present state.

View includes the quilt hanger side

Design wall view

closet view

The bare bones of the sewing room now.  The closet will not have the  floor changed since this is installed and not movable.  The big piece of furniture with shelves on top DH broke down and removed.  Still some items to move yet, but the installer will move out these pieces of furniture left in the room.  I plan to redo the design wall and use a different kind of shelves not found yet to store what was on the previous furniture piece.  I will need to cull a lot to set my room back up.  Since I have two rooms full of the stash, it will have to be done soon.  Oh my!

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