Saturday, June 15, 2013

Works in Progress

UFO-WIP whatever you want to call it, I've got plenty of those floating around.  One I consider a work in progress is dealing with my scraps.
One pile
So much of this is only big enough to make a few strips.  My stash of 2 in. and 2.5 in strips need boosting since my choices of colors is getting slim.. Also Happy Scrappers has a challenge on to fill a box with 2.5 in. strips.  We will exchange these at Christmas I think. And then most of too small to put back in the stash.  So will moving back into the sewing room I started this pile.  it's sitting on the other end of my cutting board and I won't move it until I deal with it.
Pioneer Braid
I got this quilt top made and tried it on my bed.  It's not wide enough so I'm add two more rows of the braid.I think it will be wide enough then and I can get it quilted.  I had worked on it some, then pulled it back out to try to finish it.Something I can do in between working on Alex's quilt and cutting scraps up.

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