Saturday, June 8, 2013

Row Quilts

In one of my groups, this year we are doing row quilt.  We started in Feb. and do 12 in. to the other person's row.  As we pass these along it grows and at Christmas the original owner gets the quilt.  We are to put fabric with it, some don't add enough sometimes.
It's a challenge to figure out what needs to go on the quilt next.
The first quilt I got and I added the top and bottom rows.  In the picture the blocks haven't been sewn yet.  It turned out real pretty.  It was simple to add stars since the person started with stars.

This quilt started with the Madri Gras them.  I felt the two rows of 12 in. blocks needed something different.  Since the blocks contained pin wheels and stars, I thought this would be a good addition.  I had to add some material to this quilt.

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