Sunday, August 18, 2013

Today, I was on my way home from returning my granddaughter to her home. I had a talk with the lady who has been making my schedule the last two months.  Told her I needed to be home for an extended length of time. Next scheduled event is in mid Oct.   You  know that person is me,   The schedule has been a killer beginning the last of June I've been gone, Dallas, Alaska , Greenbrair retreat, back to Dallas to get Ashleigh , then back to Dallas again..   So much driving, but she's sure had me going even though all enjoyable or even fabulous.  Alaska sure was, but I feel so behind in my quilting
     While Ashleigh was here I did some that were due, plus helped her some. She learned to cut using rotary cutter supervised of course. She 11 and worked on her 3rd quilt   She did quit a bit more. We hope to work on it at Christmas.

     The retreat at Greenbrair I had forgotten pieces to 3 things I needed to work on. Instead, I worked on the braid quilt. I finished adding the extra braid, made the back and binding and handed it off to the lady who will quilt it.
     While Ashleigh was here I finished the row by row and passed it on. Also got the lotto block ready for the guild meeting.   I had auction block done which were paper pieced, which I hate.
I put the top row on

Sept. lotto blocks

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