Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reorganizing sewing room

I wrote about getting into my sewing room and it worked at first, but after working in there a while I realized it wasn't working so well.  I needed to organize some more.

I added a board on top of these high baskets and this is holding the applique I been working on.  Lately it been more not than am but now it's very visible.

Here I 've used a file organizer and put blocks or leaders and enders bagged and ready to work on when I want.  The boxes hold less urgent projects.

The  basket is holding sets of blocks made in swaps or just something I wanted to do.  Someday, they will be in a quilt.  It's full too.
One problem I found with the shelf that held my boxes of squares and bricks was that I couldn't get to them.. Too easy to put stuff in front of the boxes.  So I used the far space to put yardage and rearranged the boxes that held the small squares, only placing containers I could see through in front.  

On the top shelves I've boxed the UFO's I wanted to do sooner, rather than later.  I really thought about each one really hard before boxing and labeling.

Now it's really working better for me.  Today I spent the afternoon refolding a large drawer of children fabrics, which are mostly brights.  I arranged them by colors and put the yardage on top.  I should take a picture, it looks great and I have such a sense of accomplishment.  I want to continue until I have all wire drawers done.  

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Lizziebeth said...

Thank you for letting us see your sewing space, loved the organization.