Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yesterday in the sewing room

After finishing the row quilt, I cleaned up a bit.  Put up pieces I had gotten out, cut up scraps and put these away  (this is so much easier a little at a time) and thought I was going to start on Alex's quilt, however, since I think I'm a little ,or lot, ADD, I spied my leader ender project tiny bow ties and started on that. I put more together and saw what I needed to do next.  I'm really ready to finish this.
I went on and cut out enough to get this done, but the more  I think of it I would like to try a new border instead of just binding.  I probably will need more units cut out and have more sewing, but I want to try.  I also see I'm a little heavy on the pink here.

There are days in my life where I spend the day searching for things.  
One thing that really got me searching was trying to figure out what I had started cutting out for my next leader ender.  I spent a good bit of time looking on Bonnie Hunters blog for the directions.  I remembered it was 2012 challenge she had put out, but for the life of me I couldn't find it.  Now I know everyone else in the world can remember things like what they spent time cutting out of scarps, but not me.  Anyway, last night I happen to find an article she put out on tech questions and she had a link to searching on her blog.  Really learned something too.  It  seems at the top of the blog on the left is a search box above the title of the blog.  Found what I was looking for and how that helped.  Then I made a block so I would know what I was doing.
Is this cute or what.  It finishes 3.5 in.  Ready to start this one too.

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