Saturday, September 28, 2013

In my sewing room

Lately I've done more planning for the row quilt challenge, than sewing.  I've been on the computer looking up stuff, talking to people, getting ideas and sweating .  I have no idea if the row I did is okay, but gave it my best.  The quilt had some problems I had to work around also.  So this is what I've come up with.
I did the very last row.  There is a tree and a cow on here but it so hard to see.  Working in batiks don't show up the work too well.  Looks better in person.  Hope the original person who did the chickens likes it.

Other things have been happening too.  
I attended a basket class at my friend Polly's house with two others and we made baskets.  This is my first to make and it turned out nice.  It's pretty big and roomy.  John suggested I put all my hand projects in it.  Good suggestion.  I have been making a little progress on Alex's quilt. 

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