Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On the wall

Been working on cleaning and putting together Andrew's quilt.Making progress on both fronts.  My goal is to take a wire basket drawer , refold and take out the short bits that can make strips or squares.  Most emphasis is on getting neutrals in my 2 inch drawer.  I think so far I've made more strips than I can count.  I use to( big emphasis on use to) just stuff any scrapes left from a project in a drawer no matter the size.  what a mess that has made over time.  However, I am now making progress in repurposing the scraps to a usable fashion.  Then I make sure I sew some every day I can.  Today, first up will be a back for Aidan's quilt.  Also want to do more on Andrew's quilt.  mean while I will cut more strips.

100 free half square triangles
I wanted to show the half squares that my friend was going to throw away.  She gave them to me and I sewed along with my string blocks.  Finished them before I left the retreat.

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