Monday, March 31, 2014

A long report from the Sewing room

Andrew's top coming together
I've gotten much of Andrew's quilt together.  The big block are 4 string blocks, then sashing.  The cornerstones are red and I like the punch.  There is one more row to go and border.  Can't wait to see how the border will look.  I found some  black with Boo written all over it which I plan to use for the back.  I think this will be the cutest quilt.
Trimming half square triangles for my next project.

The best tools for trimming half square triangles are the small Broklyn revolver , A 3.5 Bloc Lock ruler and small rotary cutter.

Ah, the satisfaction of tariffed up units
My next quilt I want to do is a pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  Blue Ridge Mountain I think, anyway it takes 4 patches from 2 in. strips and Triangles cut from 3.5 in strips.  These triangles came from Alex's quilt which I didn't use.  Love that.

Trimming up left overs that needed to be put away.  It's so much easier a little at a time rather than a huge bag full.  Still have one of those.

Apple Crispers block exchange.  Love the high heel shoes 

I talked about this box of scraps that had been cut for these units.  I 'm still making the units.  These trimmed up to be 4.5 in.

I ended up with over 30 so far.
Someday I want to do a medallion quilt and maybe these units will go into it.

So this is the report from the sewing room.  I've not felt able to be in there much until recently, but it amazes me what I can get done in 2-3 days.  Also, trying to get cleaning done too.  I'm looking forward to another Bonnie Hunter quilt and more cleaning out, making scraps useful and so on.  I reorganized my embroidery and wool kits and hope to get started on one of these.  

I did start a new knitting project which is a KAL from Hertiage spinning and weaving.  No pictures yet, but the shawl started with 497 stitches.  Definetly long term project.

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